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New member from Poland

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Hi. My name is Marek " Majer" Majchrzak 

I'm a member of Polish Garrison

TK 12045

I want to be part of the 1th Imperial stormtrooper detachment. 

Is there any chance i can get from any of you any patches for my collection. I live in Poland and I will be an honor to have one. Please send me priv if there is an option. 

May the force be with you

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Hello Marek and welcome to the forum! :D I see you've requested 501st Stormtrooper access, that's good!


We have one merch run open if you're into racing shirts! :D However, to be able to order, you will need to have your GhMNRcc.png?2 badge first!


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Hello and welcome aboard, we do have a trading post where you may be able to swap patches with other members


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6 hours ago, Melchiorek said:

But I don't have Access to these posts like merch or trading.

You will once your profile is updated, when A.C. is back online

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