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I have loved the SW universe from the 1st time seeing ANH when it first debuted on tv.

SW has always been a part of my life and had helped me cope with life's difficulties. 

Recently, i met a member of the Garison at a flea market  while buying starwars toys.  It was great!

Can't wait to exlpore this organization with you all!



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And hello again, Jeffrey for the third time in as many posts. :D In addition to the ANH build threads link I've already commented, below you'll find a link to a massive resource thread that I compiled on my own journey of building my first stormtrooper armor. I saw that you're most interested in an ANH Stunt, which is the bread and butter of our Detachment, and by far my favorite armor.



I look forward to following along on your build and welcoming you into this band of brothers (and sisters)!


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Hello and welcome aboard, note one post is all you need as they are normally answered quite quickly posting many of the same can get cofusing.


Good luck with the research, hope to see you with a build thread soon

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