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What's In a Name?


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It seems that our favored Uniform/Armor project is suffering from an actual name. While this Detachment has (correctly) named this armor the Imperial Commando, I feel an upgrade is in order, simply for the fact that there is already an "Imperial Commando" world (a little Google Fu showed a much different looking trooper). So howzabout an upgrade?


Wookiepedia already shows "Imperial Armored Commando", with very limited information and some photos. There are also titles of "Imperial Mandalorian Commando" (or similar) floating around as well.


My vote is for Imperial Armored Commando. During their first encounter with Moff Gideon's Finest, someone in DJ's group hollers out "they're wearing Beskar!" or something similar. For that reason, I think the IAC name fits.


The Imperial Commandos have their world, now we have ours!


What are your thoughts?

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Great discussion topic Guy.

We should, if we can find the information, refer to them as LFL does.

I vaguely recollect something on Starwars.com, which could be where the Imperial Commando's came from.


Once we have clarity, we should go with the LFL canon.

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