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Brand New Armor Not On The CRL. Need Assistance!

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I am in the planning stages of building a set of armor for Shrap. He's one of the troopers that's part of SCAR Squadron in the comics. I noticed there is already a Sergeant Kreel, but my personal favorite is Shrap and I know there's no CRL for him so I'm utilizing all my outlets for verification before I start spending and potentially wasting money. 


First off. I'm gonna be basing the style/design off Jorge Molina's drawings (referenced bellow). I know this is important to note because several artists have officially drawn these characters and this guy varies between every comic he's in. Is this valid for getting it approved or do I need to go off of how he appears most commonly?


The questions I have are:

- The fabric is meant to be fire resistant as he uses a flamethrower. What fabric would you recommend to pull off that look? This is more if regular fabric with a style to it doesn't fit. Is there something that can convey more obviously that it's fire resistant?

- What do you see that is notably different from the normal TK? My safe bet is the arms, legs, and cod piece are the same, with the chest, back, belly, and helmet are different and would need to be made custom.

- The boots in these frames look more like white combat boots as opposed to the regular TK boots they're usually wearing in other comics. With this artists version of the trooper, would that be a valid assumption and get boots more fitting to this style to stay accurate to these references?


Thanks for your time and inputs! This is really important to me and I need all the verification and validation I can get because this trooper has no CRL and I don't feel like messing this up haha




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Hi Jacob.

generally you need 4 references minimum for the potential of a CRL to be considered by the LMO team.

Front, back left and right sides.

Cartoon and animated series characters can be difficult to replicate the right look so i would also recommend you email the LMO office, let them know what you are interest in creating and even direct them to the post you have here.

This character may come under the purview of Spec Ops detachment as well, so check in there in case they have any existing threads or discussion on this character.

There does look to be a lot of customization required to pull this off, not a standard TK kit,so 3D printing would be the only way to bring this to life. All the parts look quite different to anything live action.

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Some more information. The character is part of Task Force 99, Seargent Kreel was seen as a specialist so this character is homed under Special Opps, I would think the trooper you are referring to would also go to Spec Ops 



Sergeant Kreel, designated Agent 5241, was an undercover stormtrooper and SCAR trooper of the Galactic Empire, serving in the 501st Legion under the direct command of Darth Vader. Kreel was given command of an elite group of SCAR troopers, designated Task Force 99


Spec Ops also home Task Force 99: Cav https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:Task_Force_99:_Cav




More references of your character "Shrap" (rear trooper in first image) https://comicvine.gamespot.com/shrap/4005-162019/



e5993b2473f8f99a105ff8d89d4cab8d.thumb.jpg.5577f2baae17ed0cdf597d594b49ea5a.jpg  670cremw2rs61.thumb.webp.fd1cd3f412de98128d6d47896dc128d1.webp








Someone was building some of these troopers, Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100061258101660






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