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FOTK TLJ / Executioner


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I currently have OT Tie and reserve. TI-92102 now to start the big project. My goal is to work on it all year this year to get it done and sourcing pieces. All soft goods i'm going to buy pre made. The armor and helmet and hard accessories i want to 3D print. I have an Anycubic Chiron so decent size print volume about 300mm x 300mm x 350mm. I'm gathering every file i can find the more accurate the better. In this situation i'm happy and ready to sand and paint my butt off and i enjoy it. Paying for files is completely on the table to get best details for approval. Please leave links for any or all 3d print files you may know about. I currently have a bunch already but i'm struggling most to find an accurate TLJ armor file. any and all help would be great. I'll be printing in ASA most likely. Also leave links for Soft goods and not printable accessory suggestions. 

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Welcome Joseph


First if you are approved 501st please go and request 501st level access, this gives you visibility to a few more areas.

You may also need to be approved 501st to obtain some items.



Printing a full set of hard armour is a monumental task, not just in print time but level of cleanup prep and painting etc, I don't envy you on what will be an epic build.

You are correct, there isn't a great number of full armour files available that are accurate, one of the most accurate sadly is no longer available for purchase as the designer decided to stop supply only just recently.

You are in the right section of the forums to find build threads where some members have indeed started 3 D print builds of FOTk's some have the File supplier details within.

As to accurate TLJ, the fore arms were recently updated in the CRL so that may be something one of the modelers may update their files to suit if you ask. The other piece is the Cod plate shape being different to TFA version as well. Obvious beak difference on the helmet and a few of the clip greeblies. We do have some of the smaller greeblies available to obtain here.


You need your 501st updated on your side bar to gain access to these.

As you are well aware, our hobby always takes research so I wish you well in your new journey.

No doubt more of our members will chime in on your post with more information.


Welcome to FISD



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Thanks so much for the suggestions and help i've been able to go through the current forum posts and collect all the 3d files for greeblies, weapons, accessories etc. just looking for armor. I'm 3d printing because i can pay piece by piece and i actually really enjoy sanding and prepping. its been a hobby of mine for a while now. With the experience i have gained i'm ready to take this project on. I'm excited and as soon as i get my first print done i'll create a WIP in the forums. Always able to find amazing people and help. If others would like to contribute soft good resources i'm open to the suggestions for great product and price mostly great product. 

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