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When is it okay to polish your new armor (30-90 days)?

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Couldn't quite find the answer I wanted on this one. 


I just received my commission (haven't heard back from them yet about this). I'm curious as to when it's safe to polish your armor with a product like Plexus. 


I understand that some painted plastics need up to 90 days to fully cure before you apply any kind of seal or polish product (as opposed to a cleaner), though I'm not familiar with how ABS works. Is it just the stock white and not actually painted? I know the helmets are fully painted, at least. 


Thanks for the help!

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I've literally never polished mine in 6 years :jc_doublethumbup: Though I know some who polish it all the time.


Most armour is either ABS or an acrylic capped ABS, a few are other materials but rare enough to ignore for now. You can polish or clean it straight away, you don't need to apply any protectant or sealant.


I see you have an RS commission, it will probably be ABS unless you chose PVC when ordering. The helmet unless you requested separately isn't painted. It may look like it but all those lumps bumps and runs are artefacts from where it was cast from an original screen used helmet warts and all! The reference to "hand painted" will be the gray, black and blue bits.

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I've not heard of a time frame before polishing, I have polished mine in the past to remove dark marks, glitter and youngling drool (and icecream hands) I use Tcut a local polish, many use Novus polish

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I polish mine before every troop!

No hard and fast rules here, if you want to be shiny go for it, if you prefer the worn look, then that's perfectly fine too.

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