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Imperial boot sizing

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Since the deposit is in I have turned my immediate attention to everything else I'm going to need.  I'd like to get in on their Sept wave (although one more month would be fine I just want to get things done in plenty of time.)


Everyone says to get one size bigger.  OK.


If I buy a regular pair of shoes I usually end up with a size 8.  If I use one of the old school measuring things at the shoe store my toes are at 8.5.  I have to squeeze orthotics into whatever I get.  It's not an option not to or I will be trooping for about 2.5 minutes at a time.


So size 9 because there is no 9.5 or ramp it up to a 10 which seems like will be way way too big.  Anyone else stuck with orthotics or any opinion?


I'm online now asking about shoes.  Never saw that as a thing in my life.



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Yeah it's my orthotics that concern me.  They can mess with inside spaces in footwear.  I don't want to have to start trying to remove parts of the boot or the orthotics.  More half sizes would have helped so really in an in between spot.  Bart

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I have boots.  Right now feeling a bit PTSD over it and the disco flashbacks.  I ordered one size larger as per everything I read and I think I could have just went with my normal size.  They are a tad big but my orthotics fit in fine and that was my biggest worry.  I don't think some gel inserts will be a bad idea so the extra space will be good.  


I have a blaster too, but am too afraid to open the box.  It's getting too close to really feeling real now.







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