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Anh stunt helmet opinions needed

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Hello, Just purchased a anh stunt kit near me. They started building and stopped at the helmet. I went ahead and adjusted it to the best of my ability using references like rs, anovos, stunt props. Would like to know if I’m making good progress.


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Hi Elija


Ok so lets start with the standout point first, the frown as it is called.

The grey paint shouldn't go past the end of the teeth onto the gums as it has in your photo.


Below are multiple screen used helmet examples to help you rectify this area.

You can scratch away excess paint using toothpicks dipped in Mineral turpentine, as it is mild enough to use on ABS without melting it.





Next the brow trim is slightly crooked, this can be fixed by re aligning the face plate. you may need to relocate some of the screws that hold the back n cap and face plate together to achieve this, unless the rubber U trim is simply not on properly.

Here are some various Brow trim images to choose from to set your trim height and level.


A New Hope Stunt Helmet Eyes 02


The Vocoder (black chin section) does indeed need a good clean up, you could use the toothpick and Turps method here first then go over it with a new coat of paint to tidy it and get it looking closer to a screen helmet.


Head to our gallery section link below for these and many many more images to use as reference while re building your helmet.



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Hi Elijah. Welcome to FISD.


Bellow you can find some Building resources for Helmets. Take a read and let us know for any assistance . :salute:





Helmet Assembly










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