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TK Helmet .... Rubber gasket moves

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Hi Tommy,  It usually stay in place just for the rubber pressure. If you can post a  photo would be useful .


A possible solution could be a dab of E6000 or CA glue in 2 or three points to affix it.








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As Mario said, a couple dabs of E6000 should do the trick on your brow trim above the eyes, while also giving you the flexibility of removal in the future. You may also be able to tighten up the gap between the cap (top) piece of the helmet and the faceplate in order to provide more tension for the trim to stay up. However, just keep in mind that any change in the alignment of the face and cap may result in changes to the ears and gaps around them.

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4 hours ago, revel911 said:

My issue has been the rubber of the eyes wanting to slide down more than anything.

I'm sorry I misunderstood :(, but it's the same way to fix it. add a dab of E6000 in the center and I think this could made the trick.






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Normally having a small gap between the front and back cap pieces hold the rubber in place.


I have found E600 hasn't worked for me in the past a dap of superglue did the trick.


But another not so permanent trick I have used since then is adding some material between the faceplate and rubber, scrap ABS plastic is normally enough, adding this small amount of plastic reduces the gaps, I had to add 3 pieces in a recruits helmet once before.

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