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rjuno Imperial Surplus FOTK build


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Thank to all the past posters and videos for the ton of info and giving me the courage (maybe falsely, since you make it look "easy.") to get into this.  I have been a handler for my wife who has an OTTK.

Anyway I finally got my armor in and set out.  I started with the chest piece.  I wanted to touch open up the pill holes...but I am wondering if this is non-repairable?  I have some epoxy putty that might be able to fill in some, but wanted to get some thoughts.  Any ideas for a good template to help with that, I do have the decals.  


Secondly, I was planning on using the resin chest vent.  I have not cut anything in the chest plate out yet.  Feeling gun shy now.  But I was sanding the resin piece from the back.  the flat slit opening nicely but the corners were hard and took awhile. Then I noticed the fat slit opening up more.  In the pic is it too much?  How would li have prevented that and still open up to corners.  Thanks.



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Personally I don't think it's too big, as the chest angles back you won't see the whole opening, however the top inner looks to be a little bit curved, you could add some automotive filler (bondo) to make this straighter but I'd wait until you have it fitted to see if it's noticeable 



Here's how I added mine




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I’m still learning how to get pics on here.  I’ve been doing trimming over the weekends.  Wow it is a lot.  I think I got the chest plate pills fixed.  I also add some epoxy to the resin vent to make the line straighter.  Haven’t cut out the old…yet.  Question though.  I was looking through the CRL and noticed the level 3 line about the side grooves.  I saw 1 WIP who did some work to this area.  But are they good in the pic I have?3E6E1A01-400D-4B23-A5F4-C08C2BAE394E.jpeg.31afbdd48e71e17ac4cc8b15e3c9cb69.jpeg

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For posting images many of us use Imgur 


@ukswrath has a great accuracy updated FOTK build



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Another question. So I have the Imperial Surplus kit and it came with 4 shhets of extra ABS. So I used that for the shims on hte forearms and biceps. It is quite thick. For the bicep shims, I saw 50/50 some guys curved them some not. Well I should have curved them. On one of them it comes together kind of tightly. So I have a heat gun now, any advice on how to heat the shim up and bend it without destroying the rest of the bicep?


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6 minutes ago, rjuno said:

any advice on how to heat the shim up and bend it without destroying the rest of the bicep?


Hi, I have a heat gun too but  haven't done something similar.  What I would try is to cover the bicep with a wet cloth or towel and carefully go bending section by section.


You could make a test with some spare ABS pieces.  :salute:  





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I really don't think you will need any heat the plastic is quite thin and will bend, with clamps, magnets and wrapping tape around they sides they should come together fine. When wrapping the tape around apply downward pressure to that area, it will squash down and wrap the tape around tightly, should end up flush.


If you do need some heat refer to Mario's post 



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So here is the final product and 501st approval.  TK-78945


A very big thank you to John Child (Captain’s Drydock) and Tony (ukswraith). It was your video series on YouTube and build thread on here that got me to pick the FOTK and have the confidence to build it.  Also a big thanks to everyone who responded along the way.  Your advice got me to the finish line.


Body Armor Kit:  Imperial Surplus

Helmet: Anovos

Gaskets:  Geeky Pinks

Belt:  Belts of the First Order

Belt Pouches:  Trooper Bay

Boots: CrowProps

Gloves: Endor Finders

Holster: Justin-Lee Morrison




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