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Mini Jawa Sandcrawler

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Not an actual costume, more of a prop, came up with this for our Christmas Pageant which was held last night, with a lot of our members not trooping this year our attendance was going to be down and as this is our biggest event we attend during the year (over 300,000 in attendance) we needed something to fill our depleted lines.


As I had a couple of baby Jawas I made years ago the idea for a sandcrawler came up and as I've been unwell of late if I found I couldn't complete the pageant (and as I was wearing my Mando) I thought I could just lay across the sandcrawler and rest as that would have been screen accurate :laugh1: Luckily I made it to the end as I don't think the Jawa would have like pushing the extra weight.


Checked out a few trolley's but ended up choosing a twin baby pram as it could lock the steering and had a brake. Added some removable structure to the front



Some measurements taken to make sure it will fit into the Imperial Transport (the Jeep) then on to transferring the design via projector onto some sheets of MDF, template used



MDF panels cut 



Test fitting panels



Making sure the Jawa's were happy with the construction



Had to be quick to assemble and dissemble so velcro seemed the best solution, pays to have some extra jars and tins in the pantry ;) 



Nose cone was the worst with so many angles, ended up with applying some fiberglass to the inside for strength as well as a metal support beam across the top



Checking everything will fit and working out some present boxes, this took a while, to save space every box fitted inside the next, magnets also added to the top boxes so they wouldn't move



Presents wrapped and adding some lights



Unfortunately no photos of the painting or addition of the lines, 6 permanent markers died in this process. Still have to remove some marks from the tiles, shhhh the landlord hasn't noticed them as yet. Also added some driving lights, there's some pretty dark spots during the pageant so these would come in handy



Our Jawa waiting at the start of the pageant all lit up



And away we go



Some of the suggestions for improvements mentioned for next year by members while waiting for the pageant to start:
Cut out the sandcrawlers windows, insert tinted acrylic, lights and a couple of Jawa figures.
Motorized so a member could drive
Fully stocked bar
Helmet and Saber hooks so we don't have to hold on to them while waiting for the pageant to start
Keg on tap
Fold out chairs on sides
Up sizing 20% each year so we end up with a full scale model, we can then just sit inside and wave and not have to walk, not sure how we would transport that
Having other vehicles made in similar way X wings, Tie fighters, Tauntaun's pulling sled

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