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Rogue One TK Undersuit with integral gaskets or no?

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I've been searching the forum a lot to prepare for my ROTK build, and I think I've noticed there are at least two approaches to all "the black stuff" under the white armor. One has you wear a typical athletic shirt and pants (together or separate) with the visible gaskets (e.g. Geeky Pink's Phantastic Gaskets) worn over them or even attached to the armor. The other is to get a shirt and pants with integral gaskets (e.g. Jimmiroquai and Darkside Closet). People sometimes mention this in their build threads but don't go into details.


I'm trying to decide on the best approach, so I'm wondering if folks wouldn't mind throwing out some pros and cons to the different methods and vendors. The mesh areas in Jimmiroquai and Darkside Closet seem like they would make for a cooler trooper in the summer.


Thanks for any help!

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I have the Jimmi integrated version, and it's might easy to get on and off, and the gasket areas stay in place nicely, so +1 for that. 

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Added mesh definitely helps keep you a little cooler, I have an intergraded set for my Sithtrooper and find it easy to wear compared to a separate undersuit and gaskets on armor with my FOTK

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