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New sub forums sections FISD Coin and Patch Repository and TK Trading Post

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Att all our 501st Detachment members!


We mentioned we would hit the ground running so here is our first official initiatives for the new term.


It give me great pleasure to announce the opening of a couple of new Sub forums today. These can be found in the Detachment Merchandise area in the 501st section of FISD.


Before I get into the details, I would like to thank @starsaber25 (Steve) TK-10466, not only for this fantastic idea, but for putting these sections together and accurately compiling their content. This is the first time we have made this information so easily accessible, and possible we are the first detachment to create this style of initiatives in house.


FISD Coin and Patch repository

We have one each set up for coins and patches currently which contain all FISD coins, and patches. These have been made easily accessible to all 501st detachment members to peruse without having to log into the Legion collectors database looking for FISD specific merch items. 

These will be updated every time another run is done so you will have a quick reference archive at your finger tips, where in the past we only kept basic archives in the background.


TK Trading Post

Want to trade or sell 501st approved merch without the cut throat masses that exist in the social media trading groups, well here is your latest opportunity.

We have created FISD's  own "in house" trading platform, the "TK Trading post", open and ready for action as of today.

This forum has a strict set of rules, so we please ask that if you wish to participate in the sale or trade of legion merch, that you read and adhere to them. They do follow the Legion guideline, and the forum will be moderated to keep it a safe and honest platform. Keeping it on a smaller scale and in house than what currently exists should be great for our community and newer members whether you are just setting out on your first collection or looking to complete and existing one.

Yet another reason to visit FISD and become a member of the legions largest detachment.


We hope you enjoy these latest additions to the FISD forums.


These new areas can be found here.




Direct links  Coin and Patch repository    TK Trading Post

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  • Sly11 featured this topic

I certainly cannot wait to see everyone in the trading post!  These are all new and exciting areas of our forum!  Make sure everyone comes and checks them out!

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I'm really happy for this too, as FISD stuff can be traded here easily and doesn't require a FB membership.

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