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22 minutes ago, TerribleBen said:

The CRL says "closed with greaves" what is a greave?



Hi Ben, the following Photos may help.











also you may want to check the following building thread out.


Hope his can help.


cheers  :salute:





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28 minutes ago, TerribleBen said:

Ok so Velcro.  CRL states “close with greaves” the other parts say Velcro. Just confused. Cheers and thanks Ben

Yes, you're right, It's a little confusing . I'm not a R1 Armor expert but my two cents, "Greave" should be changed to "Shins"



Lower Leg Armor
Greaves close in the back.
The trapezoid knee plate (sniper knee plate) is affixed to the left greave and may have two visible brads or rivets securing it to the greave.
Sniper knee plate must be aligned with the ridges on the shin.


Cheers and good luck with your project.




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If I can make a suggestion it would be to either Ask questions in your thread or start one with that particular question. Reason I say this mearly to avoid ”extra work”. I already answered this question in your build thread some 11h ago:salute:

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1 hour ago, TerribleBen said:

Yup was confused so asked again. Thanks for your patience. Ben

Don't worry Ben. We are here to help. 


Are you clear on what you asked now? 


Cheers :salute:

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