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Hi Everyone,


I have been researching on the forums in preparation for an attempt at a Phasma build. Three names seem to come up regularly with regards to vetted makers for the armour and helmet: KB Props, Shawn Thorsson and Jimmi. I'd really welcome any advice on why to go with one over the other, especially since there is quite a difference in price among the three, and having not done a fully armoured costume before I am less clear on the advantages/disadvantages of ABS vs fiberglass.


Thanks in advance for all the help!

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Hi and welcome aboard, research is definitely the key to this hobby. I would suggest having a look through some of the build threads, you can pick up a lot of info in those, quality, wait time and so on. Even have a look in the TFA TLJ Stormtrooper threads as the base of the costume would be the same. 

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Welcome to the FISD, Leslie!  There is some good news/bad news on building a Capt. Phasma costume... First, the good news!


1.  Being one of the coolest characters to hit the franchise in quite a while is a definite plus.  Just showing up in this armor will grab attention from young and old alike!


2.  This could very well the most difficult and time consuming costumes to build in the TK world.  Those who supply the (approvable) kits are pretty rare, and the cost for the complete ensemble can easily run into the thousands of dollars when you factor in not just the building of it, but the accessories (gaskets. boots, weapon, etc.)...chrome plating alone can cost a ton of cash.


I honestly don't mean to put you off the idea of becoming a Capt. Phasma, but know that there is a lot involved.   If you have the resources, I strongly recommend it!

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