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Would this S trim idea be acceptable?

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Hi all


I am planning on going for centurion with my kit and am doing all the research into making that possible.  Most of these products are in the US, but I am in Australia.  Fortunately I have been doing the research and have found similar items that I can buy here, instead of purchasing through the US and having to pay exchange rate and extortionate shipping fees.  But the S trim is extremely hard to find anywhere except for Trooperbay.com.  I did have one inexpensive idea that might work, I just wanted to ask first. 



If I purchased a rubber seal similar to this one, measure and cut to length (this would give me 2 seals trims), remove the flat side on one trim, glue the other trim (the flat side still attached) onto the side that was just removed and glue into place.


I hope I have explained myself clear enough.  If this works, it would save me a lot in the exchange rate and shipping cost which is too expensive for just a rubber trim.  Any thoughts as to whether this would be acceptable or not would be great.  I am will to experiment with the idea if this acceptable.

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I would worry about the durability of any frankenstein'd S-trim as well as the amount of work involved.


Perhaps some of the Australia guys can give you pointers, what part are you in? I'd reach out to your local Garrison first.

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Unfortunately I've not found anything local that is similar.


You'll notice the one you have found is not an S but a C (or U)




Here are some comparison S trims and also a great thread here https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/41006-source-for-s-trim/



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