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  1. I'm in Australia. And like gmrhodes13 said ''They can only be purchased in small tubes here''. So I'll either buy E6000 in small tubes at a local craft store, or online like Amazon.
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys. I am outside of the US, so E6000 is a little difficult to find. However I did hear about the differences between real and fake E6000. So I know what to look for when I eventually find the glue (including online). Thanks again for clearing things up for me. I'll stay with E6000.
  3. Hey everyone I have question regarding another option for glue. This is my first build so natural I was on the lookout for E6000, permanent glue that can still be taken apart from mistakes. I was looking in a local hardware store for E6000 but could not find any currently in stock, however I did find something else called Weldbond. Its permanent bond, water resistant, clear and as a bonus, its non-toxic and odourless. Would Weldbond be a suitable substitute to glue ABS plastic together? Some glues are permanent and can’t be taken apart, but E6000 is permanent and can be taken apart. So if anyone knows about this glue or has hands on experience using this glue, please let me know if this would be suitable for my kit.
  4. Helmet paints Humbrol Gloss Black enamel #21 Humbrol Gloss Dark Admiral Grey enamel #5 Humbrol Gloss French Blue enamel #14 (for the tube stripes I've yet to paint) You can find detailed guide with picture for the specific paints on the 'Assembly, mod and painting' - Tutorials, tips and HOWTOs section for the ANH paint reference guide. Hope this helps.
  5. Thanks. Yes that would be a good idea. I'll start a build thread.
  6. Thanks for the helpful feedback. I'll get to work on those improvements.
  7. I am currently painting my AP helmet and just wanted to ask a few questions before I go any further (aiming for Centurion). 1. Is the trap under the eye a correct size, or does it need to be bigger? 2. Although the stormtrooper guidelines say that the tube stripes range between 9-16, is there a particular number that most troopers go with just to be safe for approval? And apart from the pencil width measurement, what are the measurements for between the bump and first stripe, the ear and the last stripe and the gaps between each strip? 3. Also while I was painting, I noticed that there were some bumps on some the painted parts. I've been carefully testing on scrap pieces of ABS using new Humbrol paint, new brushes and still keep finding little bumps in the paint. Using a thick or thin brush, lots to little amounts of paint, but all to the same result. Although its not too noticeable I don't want to use it on anything large like the chin area unless I can find a way to make it completely smooth. Can anyone offer any painting tips on how to prevent tiny dots on hand painting?
  8. Yes it is. If you look on the centurion request forum, you will find a lot of troopers who have take Anovos kits to the best level of approval.
  9. Totally agree with you guys. I ordered my armour late last year and keep getting the same delayed email. I'm not 100% sure what to do, but I am leaning towards cancelling my Anovos order and purchasing from a different dealership. I hate to think that I have waisted a year waiting for this armour to arrive...BUT I have read some post about the Anovos armour that had me concerned. Apparently it is thinner than other armour (some have even said "paper thin") in certain areas and prone to cracks and splits. I think I might cancel the order and purchase a much sturdier kit from another dealer. Apparently I've seen 2 new armour makers WTF and RWA. I've heard they are both really good. Back to square 1...RESEARCH.
  10. Thanks for the input guys, I've been looking at blaster kits recently as a last option. Not to sound lazy, but I was originally going to consider purchasing a completed e-11 blaster from Questdesigncanada (since we are both located in Canada, there won't be any customs issues). The problem is that his etsy.com page does not have any info regarding himself or his services (only his location in Canada). I sent an email over a month ago asking for more information, but still have not heard anything. Has anybody else experienced the same communication problem or could shed some light on any Questdesigncanada knowledge?
  11. Looking at e-11 kits (other than Doopy Doos) when I came across Blaster-Master. http://store.ebay.com/Blaster-Master Stormtrooper Uber E-11 Blaster Rifle Model Base Kit Replica Has anyone done business with this guy or know anything about the blaster itself?
  12. Thanks for the feedback guys. I have checked with my GML and I believe these dishwasher glove are acceptable. Also, they will make a great backup pair if I get some better gloves in the future. Thanks again.
  13. Hello All   Wanted to ask a quick question on gloves.   I have attached this drawing of latex washing up gloves and was wondering if they would be acceptable for basic approval. Natrually they are black gloves, but i drew the texture detail in light grey only so it would be easly see for judging.   I would trim the red part off, but would that corrupt the glove, making it vulnerable to peeling off?   Anyway, please let me know what you guys think.   Thanks
  14. Hi Everyone I am still waiting for my TK armour to arrive in Canada and I need to order an E-11 blaster. I have done a lot of research on whitearmour and have read many posts on the different dealer's people have chosen, along with the quality and shipping times to Canada. I don't have the tools or experience to construct a blaster kit and would rather order a completed built that requires minimum work. So after researching I came across these two blaster choices. http://www.etsy.com/listing/192791479/star-wars-stormtrooper-e-11-blaster-prop http://www.originalstormtrooper.com/e-11-blaster-166-p.asp Before making any purchase I would like to ask these questions first:- 1. Has anyone ordered from these dealers and what their thoughts were about them? 2. Are there any issues that they had with these? 3. How much work was needed to make it 501st approvable? 4. Is this a good price for a blaster? 5. Which one would be more accurate? If anyone could provide information as to their experience with these blasters and dealerships that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  15. Hi all I've been looking into parts and kits for my Anovos armour. I am hoping for centurion approval. I've been recently researching on centurion tools and parts needed when I came across this on Trooperbay. https://trooperbay.com/costuming-accessories/kits-combos/the-centurion-stormtrooper-accuracy-set This may sound like a stupid question, but I'll ask anyway. Is this an ideal kit choice for centurion approval? If anyone has purchased this kit, could you please let me know what its like. Thanks
  16. I've been looking for different options for ANH stunt Stormtrooper boots other than tkboots.com and imperialboots.com. I have found this costume store in Calgary that supply's Stormtrooper boots. Could you please let me know if these boots would be 501st acceptable or not? https://thecostumeshoppe.com/mens-white-trooper-boot/
  17. Hello everyone I'm sending this post regarding Stormtrooper boots that I have recently seen on etsy.com. While I am currently waiting for my armour to arrive, I've been looking into different tk boot dealerships that have been suggested on whitearmour. After exploring tkboots.com, imperialboots.com and even black Chelsea boots that can be painted white, I found these boots on the etsy site from a company in the UK called Jedi-Robe.com. I know there are other dealers in the US (as mentioned above) and I have been exploring all my options, but at the moment I really like these and want to know if this pair of boots on etsy would be a suitable choice. I personally don't wish to set up a PayPal account just to use only once for purchasing tkboots.com. And I am not fond of the imperialboots.com or the idea of painting white on black Chelsea boots (no offence to those who have chosen these options, this is just my personal preference). Here is the link to etsy boots that I was thinking about and my questions below:- www.etsy.com/ca/listing/485740652/stormtrooper-ankle-boots-deluxe-pro?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga 1. Has anyone ordered these boots from this Jedi-Robe dealer on the etsy site/what are your thoughts about it? 2. Has anyone had any issues with this? 3. Are these boots 501st approvable? 4. Because I am in Canada and this dealer in in England, how long do you think it would take to reach me? I would greatly appreciate any and all the information that could be provided. Thanks Shinyarmour out
  18. Hello everyone I am pleased to announce that I have finally ordered my ANH Stormtrooper armour. I am now one step closer to becoming a Stormtrooper. But the battle is far from over, while I am waiting for my armour to arrive I need to order an E-11 blaster. I have done a lot of research on whitearmour and have read many posts on the different dealer's people have chosen, along with the quality and shipping times. I don't have the tools or experience to construct a blaster kit and would rather order a completed built that requires minimum work. So after researching I came across this Stormtrooper E-11 Blaster Prop Replica Stormtrooper V3 http://www.etsy.com/listing/192791479/star-wars-stormtrooper-e-11-blaster-prop It looks to be in good condition, so I was wondering about this choice. Quest Design and I are both in Canada so I don't need to worry about customs or border security confiscating a blaster that looks like a gun. Before making any purchase I would like to ask these questions first:- 1. Has anyone ordered from this dealer and what their thoughts were about it? 2. Are there any issues that they had or work that was needed to make it 501st approvable? 3. Is this a good price for a blaster? If anyone could provided information as to their experience with this blaster and dealership that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  19. Hi everyone It's been a while since I posted anything but I have some questions to ask about Stormtrooper boots. I've done soooo much research on whitearmour.net about boot dealers like Imperialboots.com and Tkboots.com, but I was wondering about a 3rd option. I've seen photos about troopers who have purchased black Chelsea boots and painted them white. Some look like they would not last very long, while others look very effective and sturdy enough for many trooping events. So here are my questions:- 1. Would purchasing black Chelsea boots and panting several layers of white work for 501st approval? or would the layers of paint peel of easily and needing to buy more paint could cost more money then the boots themselves? 2. If painting proves to be an effective look, is there an enamel coating solution of some sort that can protect and prevent the paint from peeling off or being damaged? 3. Which white paint could I use that would be best for painting on boots? 4. Is it better to spray paint of brush paint? 5. Whichever paint is the best, can it be bought in any hardware or shoe stores in Canada or is it online only? Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Shinyarmour out
  20. Hi all I need to know where I can get an E-11 blaster from to complete my ANH Stunt kit (when I eventually get one). Hoping to aim for Centurion for my build, but I don't mind if blaster does not meet the same level, as long as it is detailed and accurate for standard approval. I have only heard of dealers like Doopydoos and Hyperfirm, but I don't know which one is best for me (or any other dealers out there)? I would like an E-11 blaster that comes straight out of the box without any construction and within the same country. Because I living in Canada, I don't know if there will be custom/border security issues if I was to purchase a blaster from USA. If anyone could provide me with information regarding possible issues I'd have purchasing a blaster from another country. And providing me info on any dealers in Canada that sell E-11's, that would save me on border security issues. Thanks
  21. Hi everyone I have seen Centurion built threads with this armour but I can not find the dealership on Whitearmour.net. The armour looks really nice from the look of Centurion Request Approval posts and I would like to know if this is a good choice for armour purchase? If anyone could provide information about this dealership, contact info and any problems builders might have had with construction and tips on how they fix it so I can be prepared for my future build, that would be great. Thanks
  22. Awesome armour, looks great. Where can I get TM armour from because I could not find it on whitearmour.net? could you tell me the contact info so I could look into getting this armour? Thanks
  23. WOW!! Thanks so much on all the information you guys have provided me, this really helps a lot. I want to take the time to thank each and everyone of you for your feedback and responses. Tony - Thanks for answering each question, this helped me understand better than I did before. Tim - Thanks for the extra assistance on the biceps. I don't mind having the thumb print on both biceps, but it's good to know that if I wanted to remove the right one, it is possible to do so. Also great pictures of the inside of your helmet, I hope to install these kinds of upgrades to my helmet too. An external audio system to hear better, I'm glad you mentioned this, because I never thought about that. Mathias - Providing us with a little bit of extra knowledge on biceps. Thanks Mark - Good to know about the type of plastic 80 gauge ABS compared to other types. As for the detail, I thought it was strange too hearing that it might have soft detail, after checking pictures and building posts and seeing no such detail lost. Even the images you have just provided here have no soft detail. It all looks soooooo good, can't wait to get my own. Thanks Henry - The AP helmet dome has been sanitized (or cleaned up), I like it that way too. I also prefer the idealised version myself, without the bumpy texture, but still maintaining the accuracy from the movie as you have described. Thanks
  24. Hello all I have done many many weeks of research on the different types of armour and where to purchase them and I have finally decided to become ANH Stunt Stormtrooper. After research and reviewing the dealerships on whitearmour.net I am going to go with AP. I've heard a lot of good things about them along with excellent armour details from building posts. But before I rush into purchasing my armour, I would like to ask a couple of questions about the AP armour first. 1. I heard that they might have soft detail in the armour/helmet. Is there anyone who found this to be true, if so could those details be sharpened without damaging the armour? (I was just curious about this, I still think that it looks amazing) 2. Are there any pieces from the kit that might need to be replaced? (just so I know if I need to continue researching replacement parts so I can order them at the same time I make my armour purchase) 3. I've seen armour parts from different kits and there is a (thumb print like) depression in one of the biceps. I did some research and it is suppose to be there. But why is there a depression in both biceps instead of just the one? Can this be fixed? 4. If I put some thin foam into my helmet for comfort, would I still have enough room to install fans? 5. Since the E-11 can be bought additionally, how heavy is it compared to the other E-11 dealerships? I would greatly appreciate all the help that could be provided. thanks.
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