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Darth147s R1 BUILD-Part of the SCG Group Build


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lost a lot of details on the abbs so i sanded them off and 3d printed some to glue on 


still a lot of work to be done on the abb piece  but i like the sharper look 

just incase it doesnt work out i 3d printed a new abb barrel 


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added bondo to make the eye notch 


need to do the outlines on the vents and probably  repaint them since the black marker i used was too thick 

i order a ultra fine point 


side profile before i used the black marker on the details 





ukswraths hovi mike speakers arrived 

getting closer on the bucket 


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also started working on nico henderson helmet 

here are some pics on how it compares to jims helmet 


even though nicos helmet is bigger jims helmet has a bigger hole for your head 

with nicos you have to do the side twist to put it on (nicos on the left jims on the right)


 put some white primer on nicos (left)




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Just curious what you think about Nico's helmet. I bought the STLs for OxProp's helmet and have compared it to Jimi's helmet and they are very close, but the printed one I have is taller just like Nico's. I really like how the OxProps helmet has all the parts in pieces. He also has the eye bump. Not sure if Nico's has all the pieces and the bump.




I may get Nico's as well and print his to give it a try. By the time my build is over, my entire family will have buckets. LOL

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