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Bicep help

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I could really use some help with my biceps.  It feels like they are to long.  They fall over my elbow and limit or prevent me from bending my arm.  I want to trim them down but am not sure if I should trim from the top or the bottom? I would like to keep the return edge, if possible.


I am open and looking for feedback on anything else that may need more work.  This is my first TK and I want it to look right. 





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Hey Manda

Does the bicep move freely on your arms? Reason I ask is because they don’t look to long, you should be able to lift them up some based on the right side, on the left the shoulder bell popped off. If the bicep are snug then removing some return on the top part will help:duim:

Overall you look great, besides missing the thighs and helmet:P I would look into shortening the strap for the shoulders, bringing them closer to the shoulder bridge:salute:


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They do not move around my arm they fit pretty snug.  I removed the return edge on the top back side because it was digging in to my arm. 


The problem I have is that the biceps fall down towards my elbow and push my forearm toward my hand when I bend my arm or put them straight down. 


I do see that my shoulder bells are sitting a little lower, I like the idea of moving them up some. :duim:


The thighs are currently curing, It  has been fun fitting them to my shorter and wide thighs.:lol:

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Good work so far! If you have much return edge, you can trim some of that. But I wouldn't shorten the biceps just jet. Like others have pointed out, it looks like the shoulder bells are the culprits, not the biceps themself. You want the bells almost touching the shoulder ridge. This will force them a bit higher, making more room for the biceps. (This also helps you if you are aiming for Centurion. The edge of the bells should lie mostly flush with the edge of the chest, with minimal gap.)


Also thighten the shoulder bell straps holding the biceps. Depending on the sice and shape of the biceps, the straps should almost be in tension when not in use. This should force the biceps to ride higher and fit better.


Some troopers also have an additional hidden strap inside the bells connecting to the top of the biceps. It makes it a bit more cumbersome to put on and take off, but will keep everything in place while trooping.

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If anything I think the biceps look a bit low (not by much)- the top could be maybe an inch-ish higher (hard to tell scale on the photo, but you get the idea).   The shoulder bells should also be butting up against the shoulder bridges- if the bells and biceps are connected, it will raise both pieces and you should be good to go.  

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