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TM vs CFO color match?


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  Does anyone happen to know if the colors of the CFO and TM kits match?  I have a CFO set, but have incredible issues with the size of the shins, and was wondering if TM shins might possibly match?  I'm trying to avoid having to deal with shims...

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Hi Keith, 

Looks like you have been waiting for a while for an answer to your question. I am not an expert on any of these kits. But. I know it can be hard to be sure the shade of white matches. Usually, each kit is slightly different with their shade of white. Some match closer to others. 

You can always do what I did, and once you find replacement armor, find spray paint to match the rest of your armor. It may not be the best solution, but it worked well for me! 

I would reach out to your local Attache  @shashachu . She will offer some sound advice for you :)

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TM uses a reasonably white ABS. He sent me a sample ESB hand guard set to compare to my Anovos armour and share the results with others.


The Anovos is reasonably off white, where as the TM is more clean white. I don’t have any CFO to compare to sadly.

Hope this is useful.

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In case more folks ask about color differences between TM and CFO, I'm posting some CFO pics here.


Here are some CFO pics early during my build.  I would characterize the color as "off" white or even a "soft vanilla" white.  (I ended up painting my armor glossy white anyways to match my sky's chestbox and jetpack.)





Here is an ROTJ CFO build thread with large pics for reference.  Like mine, they capture the "off" or  "soft vanilla" whiteness.



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posted CFO pics for future reference, TM vs. CFO white
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Finally looking back in..  A belated thanks for all the replies.  With Anaheim coming up, I suppose it's about time to finish up my RotJ that I started...ummm...how many years ago?   Just not having good luck with the CfO greaves, can't get a good closure on the backs, and I am by no means a large guy!  So looking into seeing if any other greaves might match... 

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Sorry late to the party.
If you have my old armour the overlaps were as the armour was when it was moulded from the original set. Which was quite tight. As a lot of people had issues getting it to fit I extended the run offs so there’s more to play with.
Have you got a pic of the backs of your shins?
I can’t guarantee an exact match as the colour and gloss varies from batch to batch. That will be the same with whoever you go with unless you go with acrylic capped. (Which I hate)
There’s no point in matching old armour together as it’s different nearly every time. Not a lot but there will be a slight difference.
Pm me if you need help with more shins. I’m always at the end of a message or get to me through Facebook which I’m on more these days.

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