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Dmorja: new adventure starts

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Dan got you covered - I´ll just move along

Hiya,   Just be careful of the corners. TKUK have been known to overcut the corners of the main belt. Here’s an example of how they should be.     Note the 45 degree corners, approx 1cm.  

Congrats on your BBB!  If I could make a suggestion, Jason, it would be to tighten up the paint at the top of the vocoder a bit.  An easy way to get those curves at the top is to use a "filbert" style

"Exactly what I was thinking. Jason what are you using for connecting material? Have a interior photo "


Tony and Sal thanks for the help, I am using the snaps and elastic process to connect the kidney to the butt plate.


"You may want to add a little strapping on the sides of the butt plate so it pulls it in and sits against the kidney better, at the moment it's angled over.


If that doesn't work you could always try adding some tabs to keep it in alignment."


Q Thanks for the help and pics.  I like the Tabs suggestion.  That should help.   Total goof up on the holster.  Just got it and was a little too excited for the test fit to check.  Thank you.  The knee ammo pack is a little large so I will need to remove it and cut it down.  I will round the edges as well.

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Not sure where you are located, but the fabric store Joanne’s on the west coast sells nylon by the roll. It’s pretty inexpensive and can be cut to size for all the straps

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Ah, thanks Sal, yes I am on the west coast so I will check out Joanne's

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Or Amazon, whatever is easiest, cheapest. Oh and don't forget good quality snaps. I know Tandy gets thrown around here a lot however, DOT and Fasnap are better quality at relatively the same cost.

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+1 for the little tabs that Q suggested (in this scenario). Usually, the butt return and the lower kidney return edges butt up again each other which helps to keep the butt from riding up.

As you’ve have to remove the return edge from the butt plate, it will always want to ride up. Those tabs should help prevent that. :-)

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Ok, I was able to get back at this. I cut the butt plate a little more, added the tabs, and changed the connectors. From the pics it looks more even with the kidney plate. I also noticed that the left calf is not straight so I am going to have to redo that one, but we are getting there. Any thing else you see I should change or adjust before submitting?3c35bffa9c65b1fb9dc03cf180fe6c0d.jpg44c1d4dd6ab5947036ec54cfc40a7607.jpg12c6a9aaabe6ae9d5b8b8e0f78c3ee6c.jpg4bf26038203ff67d52e77e61dffca8a7.jpg

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Coming on nicely. :-)


Just a few things that stood out to me.


The sniper knee is leaning forward quite a bit. Ideally, the sniper knee follows the line of the shin ridge:




As below, bringing your shoulder bells closer to your chest, and raising the belt to just touching the ab buttons, will be simple changes that will really increase the look of your kit.





Also, you mentioned the left shin - it doesn’t seem to taper down as one would expect.




Don’t forget to paint your thigh ammo pack fixings white:






Going back to your left shin/calve, it seems to be leaning. Not sure if this is a dressing issue or if the cut lines are off?




The cover strips should also stop at the ridge;




Also at the back, your hair is clearly visible under your lid. A balaclava will solve that.




Personally, I’d still try to fit some tabs to sort the butt issue. It looks like it’s overlapping the kidney and dying to ride higher.





Clearance is in reach. Keep up the good work.






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