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Meat_Hat's FOTK KB props build.


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Hey friends,


I am starting an adventure with this First Order Stormtrooper build and am going to document the progress along the way. I have been lurking for a few years, put up an intro when I purchased my kit came a while back, and now finally ready to start the work. I think.


Little background on prop making/costuming. I have done quite a lot of work making fiber glass props (Halo armor, swords/shields) and have a completely home made ROTJ Boba Fett using Pepakura and Smooth Cast. However, this is the first time I have worked with ABS and aiming for a 501st approved kit. 


My kit and helmet comes from KB props. I have not thought about under suite/gaskets/blaster/accessories/shoes yet but I will update my list as the unknown details are in my possession.


Any way here we go:



There it is, the amalgamation of white plastic. I have been sorting and researching since my intro post, quite a while now, until I had some free time.


I chose to start with the helmet:


I am very impressed with the quality of the helmet from KB, I had very minor Bondo work to fill in imperfections.



 Helmet primed ready for First Order...of coat of paint. I opted to cut out the slots in the jaw. Paints used where Rust-oleum High performance enamel black/white as well as specialty reflective silver.



Attaching finishing parts.



"Finished" product. Unfortunately a friend was inspecting the helmet and dropped it which caused the lens to split along the bridge of the nose. I do plan on ordering a second lens to bubble out the eyes and thinking I might repaint the helmet with an airbrush when it comes time to paint the armor.


On to the trimming. I am going to do an over estimate on what should remain and hold off on the fitting and sanding until I can do a more in depth placement of the armor on my self.  I decided to start with the chest and work my way out and down.



Upper shoulder view.


Sternum view.

I left extra space up towards the collar, chest/shoulder intersection, as well as the sternum just to see how the piece lies on the the back and yoke.






Back again, showing rear shoulder.


Trying to put the three pieces together as flush as possible with one hand to snap a pic.


Seeing how it all fits so far with some selfies. Jorts are standard issue right?


I am going to take off about half of the excess on the outside shoulder yoke so it will lie a little more flat but still retain the "floating" look. I also plan to split and reattach the chest plate along the seams to have a more pronounced detail. 


Any way, if you see something I missed I would be grateful for the criticism. Next up is the biceps and thermal detonator/back/abdomen/chest region. 

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Thnks JAFO, hopefully I can keep the momentum going.


Spent the last week and a half just on trimming and sanding for general fitting of the pieces.eXNcmnn.jpg


Everything is trimmed, sorted, ready to be glued together and then assembled. I have some fitting and accuracy cuts left but the tedious part, for me, is over.



Put everything into ten groups to organize and help me stay motivated. My goal is to have the individual groups pieced together by the beginning of November and piece everything with the gaskets and under suite around December. Going to run to the store and get some E6000 and start with the chest/yoke/back tomorrow. Feeling excited.

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15 hours ago, trond1138 said:

i feel i got bad molds from kb_props yours look better and i dont even have the kb on the abs . and the back sides are super thin , kb_props hardest armor to do i think bad mojo :(



Damn, sorry to hear that, I got my kit back in December and just started working on it. I do enjoy a good challenge and hopefully the end product is worth the effort :D


13 hours ago, Daetrin said:

Hey Matthew - how would you reckon the quality is?


Right now my only complaint is the cut lines are hard to identify and some of the details on the molds are not as pronounced compared to what I have seen in the Anovo's kits. 

I did/am doing a lot of measuring, outlining, and just taking it very slow before cutting and applying details and so far am happy with what has come out. 


Here is an example of what I am referencing: 




It's hard to tell from those two pics, but the groves on the outside from where the greeblies would be placed are not smooth on the indent. As well as the groves running along the sides. My plan is to cut them out and rejoin them. For a more pronounced detail. yS59v35.jpg

That being said, this is my first kit so I don't have a whole lot to compare it against. I will try and post more pictures as best I can of any progress/issues/breakthroughs I come across. 


I will post some pics of the back and yoke tonight.

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Didn't get home early enough last night to get some work done, but made some good progress today. Finished gluing the yoke and back piece together.AxOgHtP.jpg

The yoke fit pretty snug, was happy with that. Everything feels pretty solid and didn't hear any glue popping when I put it on myself.


Back is assembled. However I am not too happy with the sides where the back and yoke meet along the outside shoulders.kccbAnY.jpg?1

The back piece in the red circle wings out on both sides. It does't look bad from the sides so it might be fine if it gets bridged and some bondo love.


Also had a chance to do some detailing work on the chest.


Made some reinforcement pieces. TnC0q5m.jpg


Drilled out the pill holes with a 9/64" drill bit.


Closed up the gaps along the lips with some scrap, now all that is left is to figure out how to do the indent cut out. I know a popular thing to do is cut the whole indent out and replace it, but I think I am going to try and just use what is already there. If I mess up I will use what seems to be popular. I have to do a little more sanding and dremel cutting before these two pieces are done but I don't feel like making a mess tonight. 

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Sanding is the worst, it feels like you do so much work for so little. However, progress is progress and I am happy to move forward even if it is at a slow pace on the little time I had this week. Not a whole bunch to report but here it is:


I am going to have to redo the chest. The angles ended up being rounded when I needed crisp.

Look at this "happy" chest piece, looks "happy", right?g0HWCYE.jpg?2



 This chest is mechanical, don't be fooled! Sorry it is late, I am tired, and I am a little discouraged. I need to sand the pill holes after looking at this picture. I am going to have to cut a rectangle out of the chest.


Spats are ready for bondo, snaps, and greeblies.rTzCmb9.jpg


Shoulder bells are looking pretty nice and measuring up for symmetry. 

WC8QTf7.jpgPlanning on repainting the entire kit so I am not worried about my pencil lines.


I started on this guy:4NrF15R.jpg

Sanding the boxes to fit the curvatures of the abdominal piece might be the bane of my existence for this kit. Hopefully I will have it in a rough draft status after the long weekend.


This kit is proving to be more and more challenging the farther I progress.

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