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TK-42111 Requesting ESB Stunt EIB Status (AP/RT-Mod) [731]

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Name:  John Cambra

501st ID:  TK-42111

FISD Forum Name:  johnbc21872

Garrison:  Golden Gate


Armor:  AP (abdomen, kidney, butt plate); RT-Mod (arms, shoulders, chest/back plates and legs).

Helmet:  AP

Blaster:  Lewis@hfxproductions.com

Height: 5'9-1/2

Weight:  205 lbs. 

Boots:  TK Boots

Canvas Belt:  Trooperbay

Hand Plates:  Troopermaster

Gloves:  Alaska Bear Natural Silk Thermal Liner Unisex from Amazon.com

Neck Seal:  SDS

Holster:  AP

Helmet Trim:  AP

Hovi Mic:  Trooperbay

Undersuit:  Two piece body temperature regulated under clothing from Costco.

Electronics (not shown): Acker Amps





100_1239_zpsoxbwxows.jpg 100_1240_zpssgep6qtz.jpg100_1244_zpsfb3s05xu.jpg100_1242_zps1invtljm.jpg100_1241_zpsws0f3fgo.jpg100_1232_zps9aiq0vry.jpg100_1233_zpsmhtjnpjx.jpg100_1245_zpsjorsuxhr.jpg100_1235_zpsjxqdutze.jpg100_1234_zpskurpaark.jpg100_1229_zpsqcvbq011.jpg100_1224_zpswmnv5k9v.jpg100_1225_zpsnmbdqpy1.jpg100_1228_zpsh8bkgdmp.jpg100_1222_zpss3qq2i7y.jpg100_1218_zpswenqyvrq.jpg100_1214_zpsdcsviawy.jpg100_1203_zpsb8ipndt8.jpg100_1204_zpskyuuxxuk.jpg100_1188_zpser8t1xii.jpg100_1192_zpswh7gdukg.jpg100_1193_zpsnegyxy6u.jpg100_1191_zpsru0jyrtg.jpg100_1195_zpssz1b8tyc.jpg100_1196_zpsahjmi7wl.jpg100_1197_zpsl7vdthay.jpg100_1198_zpsjhih8gni.jpg100_1199_zpsoe6u3py3.jpg100_1206_zpst01vwbxn.jpg100_1208_zpsifsqw8hq.jpg100_1210_zpsyg57bjes.jpg100_1176_zpsvujcspjq.jpg100_1187_zpsaeint7tf.jpg100_1178_zpsqf5jaxuv.jpg100_1179_zpskxujba7c.jpg100_1177_zpsnipmucyh.jpg100_1180_zps6tbwr5da.jpg100_1181_zpswtw2hbei.jpg100_1184_zpsefzfiuts.jpg100_1252_zpsugat5whw.jpg100_1250_zps3gw16ual.jpg100_1258_zpsayliwp73.jpg100_1213_zpsnq4wxvjq.jpg100_1215_zpswpqkx9cu.jpg

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Thank you!! We'll see what happens, right? :)




Nothing but good things will happen.


Stay positive and open to constructive feedback and all will be fine. 



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Looking fantastic!  Your armor is well assembled. You might want to add a photo of you TD screws (unless I missed it).

Thank you and no you didn't miss it. I have to include that and paint the inside of my Hovi Mics white.

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Hey John, good to see another fellow GGG member is applying for the big leagues  :jc_doublethumbup:.


Thank you for your EIB application. Let's have a look shall we. 



CRL and EIB Application Requirements:



All the required submission photos have been posted. Very nice job of blending armor types brother. I know it's no easy task but yours looks awesome. That being said, without further delay your armor displays all the necessary elements to qualify for level 2. Sly and myself would like to welcome you to Expert Infantry. Congratulations John      :salute:






Other-Armor Fit/Assembly:



In this section we review observations made by your fellow troopers and ourselves. Some observations may lead to suggestions to improve the overall look of your armor. If any suggestion affects any application, it will be listed separately in the above or below sections. You and I have spoken on many occasions regarding your build, all those that helped you and your ongoing drive to wear armor that you would be proud of. Well here you are, living that dream. If we had any additional suggestions to improve your overall look it would be to maybe watch the arms, your left side appears to be lower than the right, though it may just be a photo issue also. And lastly your butt plate is slightly overlapping the kidney in the corners, it should be below. Not too much to worry about, just want you to be aware of it. That's it.






Centurion Suggestions:



In this section we prepare you for Centurion. If there were any areas of concern they would be discussed here. There's nothing we can see at the moment that would rise any concerns which is excellent news right?. I know your dream is to wear a Centurion badge so we'll see you at L3. Congrats again.   :th_AnimatedBravoSmiley:


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On 6/15/2017 at 0:54 AM, johnbc21872 said:

Thank you Walter and Tony as well as everyone else with this armor. 


Glad to be of assistance my friend

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