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Welcome, Sharizman!  If you are not yet an official member of the 501st Legion yet, you should go to the Malaysian Garrison's website:  http://www.my501st.com/ You can volunteer to be a "handler" at one or more of their events and get a better idea of what trooping is all about.  They can also help you find the right armor and answer a lot of your questions, but know that we are all here to help!

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Hello Sharizman, apa kabar?

Like Joseph said, you can contact Malaysian Garrisons via their website or you can PM some TKs from Malaysia here.  Evan Loh (Holnave) or the others.

I'm sure they will help and guide you.


Actually  next mid May for South East Asia Region, we will have big event at Legoland Malaysia. 

still have much time to contact them.

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Hello Sharizman, Selamat Petang. Welcome to FISD You can make your introduction here.  

I suggest you to read up below posts on how to join 501st:

1. HOW TO: Join the 501st Legion as an Imperial Stormtrooper (TK) 

2. The various types of armor and where to find them

Looking forward for any of your queries.  :) .

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