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Colin's Crew Polar Plunge - West Haven CT


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The CT Garrison was invited by the Colin's Crew to their Polar Plunge event in West Haven CT on February 18th.  


About thirty individuals were brave (or crazy!) enough to jump into the freezing water in the name of a great charity cause.


We were joined by two new members for their first troop as well, and had a fantastic member turnout. Such a fun event, but boy was it cold by the boardwalk.




Our crew with some other Disney princesses




Walking the West Haven broadwalk




So shiny we could see ourselves! :D




Group shot by the shoreline




Some of the dozens of brave souls to get in that freezing water




CTG Goes Undercover




One of our newest members, Dennis, at his first troop!




One of our newest members, Joan, at her first troop




Shoretrooper in his natural habitat




Two TKs by the shoreline




My husband and I share a moment by the ocean

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Great pictures Sarah! See you sporting your HWT! You all looked great!

Thanks! :D Was the first run with the HWT. I ended up taking off the backpack/pauldron about halfway through because it was very cramped inside, but I love how it looked outside! Just waiting on some charcoal powder to weather it this week :)



Awesome, thanks for sharing! I used to live not far from there!

Really?? That's awesome! I grew up down southern CT then moved up north to Windsor for work. I used to be down at the broadwalk in West Haven every weekend in the summer at the skatepark nearby.

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