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FX chest plate mod

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NICELY DONE, Thomas!! :duim:


Why, thank you good sir!


It really halped the shoulders, just trimmed of a few millimeters all around, used a heatgun to make them a little less wide and gave them "the EDGE" :-)

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I used the iron at 200C (or 392F). You also ned to have the sock on (which will reduce the temperature a few degrees). It takes a little time to heat the plastic, but it worked great for me. I have done the mod on the shoulders, butt, chest and kidney so far.


Outstanding! Those are the exact same areas I want to touch up.

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WOW! this is the first topic i ever posted that got pinned! Wooot! lol


Good work guys!


I am so glad to see so many of you doing this mod, it helps SO much with the look of the FX kit.


The shoulder bells look great too! that was going to be the next thing i did, but i got the AP kit


Another mod i wanted to do was shorten and return edge the kidney plate so the back plate doesnt overlap it. This is how the movie suits are(and the AP and TE suits as well). Whats good is you can trim it to your height as there is PLENTY of kidney plate to trim lol... It will make the FX that much more accurate looking B)


great work Troops!

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You guys are doing the Detachment PROUD! Well done - well done! Awesome how this turned out - and way to lead the way for other FX owners to "pimp out their rides". :D


I salute you folks!




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ok i wanna do this mod. Anyone selling their monokote iron ?


I got mine from Amazon.com. Just do a search for "hobby iron". Or look here:



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I've never even thought of trimming the ends of the chest plate. Great mod. I've done the return edge on the shoulder bells which helps a ton. Time to start pimpin' the FX some more.

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