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Flyinpiper's Jimmiraquois FOTK - approved - question

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Hey all,

 I had my FOTK build approved last month, already trooped. Beautiful kit. Paid a body man over a grand to prep, fill, sand, 2 part primer and auto poly paint (as recommended by Jim). The result is amazing. Been trying to post pics but every time I do  the link freezes up and I lose all the type.

 The heartbreaking thing is that the result was flawless, but after just one troop, the chest plate and abdomen armor are developing tiny hairline cracks. Big bummer.

 I know I am not the only one who has experienced this. trying to figure out what to use to fill the cracks so I can repaint. Bondo would just crack again. Was trying to find some kind of flexible fill, and maybe trying to paint it with a flexi paint white, then apply a flexi clear gloss.

 Anyone have a solution for this issue?


Thanks for the help in advance! If I can figure out why the image link freezes up, I will post pics.

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