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FOTK Gloves.


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I wear a size 10 US glove, which when ordering in standard sizes works out to be an XL for me most times.  I have 2 pair of FOTK gloves:  One set from Imperial Boots and the other from Stormtrooper Undersuit.  I have a pair of Large gloves from IB ( The order was messed up, but it's ok), and they fit snugly but look good.  Francois sells some great quality stuff.  The pair I have from SU are an XL, but do not fit me nearly as well.  The fingers are really too short for me.  The hand section is ok, but the wrist band is also a little short.  It was part of a package I bought from them, so I'm cool with that as well.


Like Darren said above, there are some differences in accuracy between the 2, but nothing that can't be worked out.


Hope this helps you out some!

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I am looking for ones that will be approved without any adjustments and will last for a while.


I picked up Jim's armor and an Anovos helmet.


The list I was looking at are,


1. Trooperbay


2. Imperial Boots.


3. Endorfinders.



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Trooperbays are not approvable. Too many white fingers .

If they are the white eagle clones you just pick the white leather off. Before we had better options that's what many alphas did. I still have mine.
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