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Correct S-trim for my Anovos Helmet


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Not ideally. The brow trim is 15mm tall and the neck is about 10mm tall. The trim has a 2mm channel gap on one side and a 4mm channel gap on the other. The trim is mounted on the helmet using the 2mm gap and the thicker side is on the inside. It was mounted the opposite way on ROTJ helmets.


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Thanks for sharing the picture of the original helmet, Paul. You mentioned you have a scrap of accurate trim, also. Would you mind sharing a picture of the end of that trim, too? Then we can better see how it compares to the other ones in this thread.

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Not sure what that link is supposed to show?


I have a rubbing of neck trim off an original helmet and my old trim was a perfect match. I still have a short piece of this trim but it is no longer produced, so I get the closest trim possible. I could get a roll made that is a perfect match to the original trim but it would be costly.


Any chance you can post a picture of this?  It would be good knowledge for people to have. :)


Also, I think there was another comparison photo previously in this thread that has disappeared.  It may not show the screen-accurate trim, but it was still an interesting comparison.  Perhaps that could be re-posted?

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