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  1. Yes , I'm gonna keep coming back because I 100% LOVE seeing these... Please keep posting... I will SOON be posting myself... ( OK nothing even close to as cool as these are , but still wanna post a bit ) Thanks Again , TK-NoWay
  2. I know this is old, but then most of the stuff on here is and that's what makes me keep coming back. I like seeing the older stuff again, but I also like seeing the new takes of things with improvments and so on ! When Ifirst started out, I'll admit, the COST of the Husky Bin ( or ANY bin for that matter ) was ( and still is ) allot to me... I use to put my stuff in a regular Wal-Mart type storage container... It didn't have wheels, and the plastic was ALL KINDS OF THIN ! This is when I was still putting everything together... Once I got this done. I was happy to be able to put it in the bacl of a 2005 Honda Civic, but kept questioning myself... I USE TA BE a photographer... I spent too much money on the items I wanted, and figured back then, I should not go cheap with the protection of that stuff... I was called out about wanting to keep one of the MOST IMPORTANT ITEMS I OWNED ( My TK ) in a poorly protected container... I could not justify it any longer and started saving for a good bin... Glad I did. It would have upset me to no ends had I spent so much TIME on getting my armor done, and then something happen to it... ( Yes the money would have been an issue as well, but the TIME involved, was by far more important...) Anyway, I STILL LOVE what you did, and "oneday" will be trying to do something as well... Thank You again for posting... Dan TK-NoWay
  3. W O W !!! Simply Stated ! WOW !!! Dan
  4. Yeppers, ANOTHER older thread that has helped out... AMAZING how , when I decide to just do some research / reading how I find things that can actually help ! Grin... Thanks... Dan TK-NoWay
  5. Bill, I've been Trooping a few times as well and have noticed that I just don't like the way my bells are looking. For me, there is way to much of a gap. While handlers HAVE HELPED significantly, I'm sure they get tired of doing things for me OVER and OVER... Can you tell me what you finally did ? As it is now, I'm using the webbing from bell to bell. I added in smaller webbing INSIDE the bell attached to the bicep to keep the bicep from moving to much. This is the third setup, that I've tried and still don't like it... I think I'm gonna try the "forward on the bell" method after I post this and read a bit more, till I see something else that I can try... Thank You, Dan TK-NoWay
  6. Wow, an older thread (to say the least) but still interesting... I can't believe even after Trooping a few times and I'm STILL working things out... Does anyone EVER stop working on their TK's ? Dan TK-NoWay
  7. WOO HOO !!! DONE !!! Thank You for your time, AND EFFORT... Dan
  8. I will be checking back again Tomorrow as a just in case... Thank You for keeping us in the loop... Dan
  9. Funny how when I read all the info about what's posted I ACTUALLY understand better... Strange how that works out ! Grin Dan TKNoWay 66929
  10. Thank You for the newsletter. As much as I would like to be online every day, sometimes I just can't do it. This DOES help. And the LINKS, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Grateful. Such a time saver... Dan TKNoWay 66929
  11. I know this is an older post but I was curious as if you could show me where you put your batter pack, and honestly, what a rc flat pack is? Thank You, Dan TKNoWay
  12. Any chance of seeing the fan setup you have for your chest and back plate ? I would be interested in pictures if you have them ? Thank You, Dan TKNoWay
  13. This is EXCELLENT... The first image alone just SOOOOOOOOOOOO got to me. I agree with Walt, (cept for the lying part, My wife WOULD FIND OUT FOR SURE!!! Grin) Dan
  14. Wyatt, I love the detail you put into your helmet. Shows ALLOT of attention and I really do appreciate that to say the least. Can you please give a bit of details on your internal setup. I am going to look for your build thread to see if you go into specifics about it but just in case, I figured I would ask here. The tubing, what is it for, the buttons, the female ports and so on. The more detailed the better. Grin... Thank You, Dan TKNoWay
  15. The aerosol can gives a REALLY FINE mist of plasti dip. It takes a few applications to get it all "covered". Dan TKNoWay
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