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spOOL68's T21 Build

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Got started on my T21 build while I'm saving $$ up for a set of armor. Finally got a few pics to get a build thread started. I'm doing a scratch build using Pandatroopers templates and lots of inspiration from all the build threads I could find here and over on the MEPD. While I’ve been at it I spent a lot of time looking at threads on builds and what was available out there as far parts and pieces. I noticed that it’s pretty much feast or famine when it comes to the T21s. Either you go all in and purchase an awesome Hyperfirm or ready built blaster from other members who do great work, or you’re left on your own to make all the parts from scratch. I love making stuff from scratch but I can see the advantage to having some things you can purchase if you like to save a lot of time.


So with that in mind I started doing molds and resin casts of most of the time consuming detailed parts. We'll see as I go along, but my thought was that if it turns out like I imagine it will, I'll offer up for sale some of the parts I'm making to help people have a sort of "kit" for those parts. I think it'll save a lot of time and work for those who'll utilize it. Let me know your thoughts on this. Although I've got a ways to go before that. 


But I'll start my build thread here and go from that. Thanks for looking!




Obligatory stock shot




Starting the side details




Working on the ammo tray




Test fitting the rear sight




Testing the tray on the stock




Got some stock shaping done




Test fitting most of the side pieces together with the tray on




Getting set to make a mold




Mold looks pretty good:)




Time to try a cast




Cast of the side detail panel




Cast of the ammo tray





That's all for now. I'll update more as I go along. 




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Great idea with the molds there! I always preferred the look of the T21 over the DLT. Should I ever want to build one, I'll get back to you.

In the meantime, keep us updated with yummy pics please. :)


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If you wind up selling a resin "kit" for some of the pieces, count me in! Looking great!

I've got one more piece to fabricate and then to make a couple more molds and casts. Hopefully that will be in the next week or so. Then I should be good to put everything together. That way you guys can have a look at the finished product with all the resin parts together. All the pics so far have been cast in white resin but from here on out they'll be tinted grey;) Thanks for the interest and I'll keep you guys in loop.





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Following with great interest. If the rest of the casting comes out as great as the first bits I'm definitely interested in a set!

The T-21 is my favorite BFG.


Thanks! I've been trying to come up with a way to cast the transition part between the larger barrel and the smaller diameter end barrel. So then people could just use it like a "sleeve" and not have to find the perfect plastic cup to destroy. Lol!!! I think I've got something that'll work now so I just need to produce the prototype and then make the mold and cast one to make sure it works. Getting there just taking a little longer than I hoped. But almost there guys!

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Got the ribs on and the wire wrapped. Glad I've held up on getting this stuff to you guys. The greebies I made for the barrel are too big so I'm going to adjust and make some new ones and remold etc. Shouldn't put me back by too much. Maybe a few days or so by the time I refab, remold, recast, and repaint. lol!!! But better to catch it now rather than later.


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Wow, Roger.... Simply WOW!  I'm not sure what kind of extra time you have on your hands, but there are a lot of HWTs out here who would love to have one of these beauties!

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OK so this is going to be a pic heavy post but I want you guys to see everything put together. It still needs electronics but otherwise it looks like it's done woot.gif yes.gif woot.gif yes.gif

Let me get my crap together for a day or two and I'll post all the info about getting resins parts for you guys to purchase. Thx for all the support and kind words as this has gone along. I really dig how this turned out...















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Wow, Roger.... Simply WOW!  I'm not sure what kind of extra time you have on your hands, but there are a lot of HWTs out here who would love to have one of these beauties!


Thx Joseph! I wouldn't be totally opposed to that if I could work it out in the schedule  ;)

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