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RS Prop masters forearm help

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I need some assistance in constructing the right forearm of the RS Prop Masters armour. The inner arm amour is a good inch longer overall than the outer arm piece. I need to know which end of the inner armour do I trim down? I have a feeling the wrist end of the armour needs to be cut down, but I am not sure of how much of the top end of the armour needs to be trimmed and what it should look like.


I have looked at reference photo's on the site, but I cannot find any good close ups to help determine how it should look. I am hoping those of you with this armour can help me sort this one out. Please and thankyou.





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Hi Jason


You are right. If you line up the elbow end of the forearm and trim the excess plastic from the wrist end.


Once the forearm is together you can then trim the curve on the inside of the top of the forearm to get a comfortable fit.


Just taken these pictures of my RS armour that might help





If you need any pictures of anything else let me know and I can take some for you

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Hi WhiteRoseSwampy,


Thanks for the response, photo's and the offer of additional help (I will probably take you up on this). This should be enough for me to get it sorted. You are a champion!






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