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How I installed lenses.

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I don't know if this has been done or not, but I think that this is a cool way to install lenses. 



- Face Shield (Shade 3 or 5, or both! Or you can get a smoke gray one)

- Screw Mounts (or computer motherboard standoffs)

- Screws and washers that will fit in the screw mounts.

- Epoxy Putty or something that will hold the screw mounts in place


I first mounted the screw mounts above the eyes, two on each side, with the putty. It should harden in 5-20 minutes. 






Next, I cut out squares of the face shield to cover the eyes with room to spare, making sure that there is a good portion above the eyes to screw in. I drilled holes that are lined up with the screw mounts and did a test fitting.






After I was satisfied with how they looked (inside and out), I took them out and did a bit of cleanup. Mainly so that they wouldn't poke my nose, haha. 







I think they look pretty good!







The main reason why I did this was so that I could swap between lighter and darker shade lenses, depending on what kind of troops I'll be doing. Outdoors: put in the darker shade. Indoor: pop in the lighter shade so I can see where the heck I'm going. 


I'm sure this could be modified to your liking or to replace lenses easily. 


Also, if the putty/screw mount pops out from stress, just glue it down with some CA glue or whatever adhesive of your choosing. I had one already pop out, but it went back in easily, and it is holding well.


Also also, you wanna make sure that you get a face shield that is flexible enough to bend easily to the curvature of the eyes.

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I really like this idea!- question, do you find that getting your hands and a screwdriver of some sort into the bucket difficult? I have larger hands and between padding fans etc.. Feel like screwing those lenses into place would be tough

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I don't think it would be too difficult with a small enough screwdriver. A screwdriver you get with a jeweler's kit or an eyeglasses kit would be sufficient enough, or precision screwdrivers, the ones that are like 1/4" in width and 3" long.

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Thank you, everyone! (Right on, Comrade Dave!)


Just an update, I did have another one of the mounts pop off mid troop, but when I got home, I just put a dab of CA glue to fix it. It ain't going anywhere now!


Still one of my best ideas to date, and I'm glad I could provide my fellow troopers with another idea.

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