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TK 72627 Requesting HWT EIB Status (FX) [APPROVED] 2nd

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Heavy Weapons Trooper (Shock Trooper)

Charles Ecton

TK 72627

Templar 726

Georgia Garrison

Ocmulgee Squad

Fire Team Terminus


Height: 5'11"

Weight: 185 lbs




Armor:    FX   501st Approved     10/13/2014

Helmet: Authentic Props (AP)

Helmet Electronics: Evil Boy dual fans, Rom FX Static Burst kit

Boots:  liquidsolidchewy   FISD Member

Neck Seal: TrooperBay

Gloves: Chemical gloves rubber

Hand Plates: Hard Plate (FX)

Main Belt: FX plastic front with button modifications and removable ammo boxes for TK/HWT kit

Canvas Belt: TrooperBay. HWT Ammo Pouches attached with no holster per FISD EIB standards.

Ammo Pouches: Three leather slim pouches per screen shots from Battlefronts Game by Blaster8266 FISD Member.

Pauldron: Hal Clay 501st

Backpack: Scratch built by Templar72627 modeled after Battlefronts Game screen shots. Straps from Pesticide sprayer. Base is an oil change pan. Boxes are project boxes with custom cuttings and linoleum sticky back floor tiles cut to match screen shots. Cone is a plastic cup with a Disney Frozen Olaf drink cup trimmed and painted. Build thread located at   http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/30222-templars-hwt-pack-build

T-21 Rifle: Custom built by Blaster8266 with working inner sound board and LED blast effects.


The bright mobile light washed out some of the scorch marks applied to the armor so I added a few shots of the individual pieces for review. I took the photos with my sling off the rifle to better show the armor but did include a follow up picture the sling attached per CRL.
























































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Thanks Tony!

This has been a blast to build and it was awesome to finally get it done and wear it around. Very light and easy to move around in.



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Hey Charles! Awesome work with two costumes in one week for EIB! Obviously you had this planned!

CRL and EIB Application Requirements:

All required photos have been posted. For the record, a "bucket off" pic is not required for EIB applicants. Only for basic approval at the Garrison level. 

​All components of your HWT are present to qualify for EIB. With pleasure I can say congratulations on your EIB approved HWT!!! 


Other-Armor Fit/Assembly:

I very nice overall base armor build to upgrade the FX to EIB level is the foundation of this costume. A very well detailed backpack as well! You hit the nail on the head in regards to the definition of light weathering. Just perfect.


Centurion Suggestions:

Sadly, the FX armor does qualify for Centurion status. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't  be proud to troop in this awesome costume! Maybe an armor upgrade is in your future, maybe not. Either way, you look great and your Garrison should be proud!

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Yes!!! Feels awesome. Thanks to all you EIB's and Centurions for taking the time to give me advice and help me along. You guys are what Troopers helping Troopers is all about. If you are ever in Atlanta for Dragoncon or have overlapping days at Disney Star Wars Weekends let me know. I would love to shake your hand and buy you a drink!! Thanks so much!!

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Well I'll be at C7 of Friday and in the DL park on Sat. If you're there on either days please let me know. Love to meet ya.  :duim:

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