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Shoulder armor keeps rolling toward my back. How do I correct this?

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While trooping, my shoulder bells tend to rotate toward my back, leaving the front of my shoulder exposed. 


How do I correct this?


I have the 1" black elastic glued into the center of the shoulder bell. The other end is snapped to the white elastic connecting the chest to the back. I also have a black elastic strap that goes around the top of the bicep armor.  


Any tips?  



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Position your straps on your shoulder elastic further forward, this will keep them pulling towards the front ;)


A picture of snap connection (will work for glued straps too)



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I posted this picture a minute ago in another thread, but hey, it can help you too  :)





Since the 2 shoulders and shoulder straps are attached together it seems to be stronger and helps to keep their positions.  The long black elastic between shoulders is a bit short and stretched a lot, and it makes that it doesn't move and keeps its position.  I'm not sure to be clear enough, sorry ...


And also, as already said, attach the snaps more to the front, but I'm sure that if you just to that the white elastic on the shoulder will stretch and move and won't solve completely your problem.  It was my case.

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I just use a thin black elastic strap from bell to bell across my chest. There's no tension when I'm at rest, but if they start to slip backward, the elastic tenses and keeps them from going anywhere. By thin I mean like a hair band thin... You can get elastic cord at Michael's or Joann.

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