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  1. Yes, great advice here. Next time I see my doctor, I'll get tested for a latex allergy. I did my own test recently. I found a box of latex exam gloves in my lab, so I put one on my left hand for about 20 minutes as I did a few tasks. The next day, my left hand was itchy and redder than my right hand. Not nearly as bad as after a 2+ hour troop, but noticeable. I can't quite say I've confirmed a latex allergy, but it's looking pretty likely. I bought a pair of those Nomex & leather flight gloves. They're quite nice. I'll keep the Trooperbay latex gloves around for my Centurion application, but I'll use the Nomex gloves for trooping.
  2. After a few google searches, I don't think it's heat rash. It happened after a chilly night event a few weeks ago. Temp was in the low 40's (6-7C). The symptoms are similar, but the symptoms don't appear until ~24 hours later. The gloves aren't too tight.
  3. I do wear glove liners. I've been using silk glove liners since I had the smell issue about 6 months ago. I've never exhibited symptoms of a latex allergy before, but I can't recall the last time I've really been exposed to it. That could be it, I guess. Would the latex cause a reaction through the silk liners? Those leather/Nomex flight gloves look pretty nice. I think I'll give them a go.
  4. I wear the Trooperbay latex rubber gloves. After a few troop events in those gloves, they started to smell. Based on the advice here, I soaked them in vinegar. That cleared up the smell, and I started wearing them with silk glove liners underneath. A few months and 10-15 troops later, the day after a troop, the backs of my hands are red and itchy and a little bumpy. Kind of like a case of poison ivy. The gloves weren't particularly smelly, not like before. The first time this happened, following the advice from my local garrison, I filled the gloves with a baking soda and water mixture and soaked them overnight. That might have helped a little, but a couple of troops later my hands were red and irritated again. Has anyone here run into this before? What did you do?
  5. Thanks, everybody. I really appreciate the feedback. It's great to be an EIB. But you can expect to see a Centurion application from me in the future.
  6. Assuming this goes well, I don't see anything stopping me from attempting Centurion. :fingerscrossed: I love it. I'll see what I can do with my shoulders. They've been bugging me by getting out of alignment, particularly after I raise my arms, like when I put on my bucket. Yes! This bugs me too! The knock-kneed look comes from the thighs, you say? I've been trying to correct it by adjusting my shins and getting nowhere. I have foam and double-stick tape in my kit. I'll see if I can give that a try tonight. Sounds great. I'd love to see an example of this. Thanks!
  7. Noted. This is one of the downsides to having a wrangler/photographer/wife who has no idea what "right" looks like. She said, "Now you know what it's like when I ask you how my outfit looks...." Oh boy. Maybe a tiny bit. I see what you mean. I'll take a look at that tonight. (I'm trooping the Weird Al concert.) With the help of a more experienced wrangler, I'll see if I can get some new photos, but the lighting in those dressing rooms can be less than desirable. It's going to be a long week.
  8. TK14421 requesting ANH Stunt EIB status [ATA] Name: Dan Dalessio TK ID: TK-14421 FISD: LaserBrain99 Garrison: New England Garrison 501st Status: http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=17986 Armor = ATA Helmet= ATA Blaster= Hyperfirm Height = 5'11" Weight = 185lb Boots = TK Boots Canvas belt = TKittell Hand Plates = Trooperbay Neck Seal = Darman Holster = Darman Front – Arms at side Back – Arms at side Left – Arm raised Right – Arm raised Right Side Detail – Arm raised Left Side Detail – Arm raised Abdomen Details Action Shot Interior Strapping Front/Cod Attachment Interior Strapping Back/Butt Plate Attachment Shoulder Strap Detail Helmet Helmet Front Helmet Side Helmet Back Hovi Tip Detail Lens Color (Backlit if required) Blaster – Left Blaster – Right Blaster - D-ring Neck Seal Thermal Detonator – Front Thermal Detonator – Screw Detail Thermal Detonator – Back Holster Attachment Bucket off Thanks for looking.
  9. Nope. Here's the link in my browser: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/4ESPmAuGmYjlWbk4ykfk0v3drr-g9e-PwBRwfQfEzb8g=w1218-h968-no
  10. When I preview, I get a blue warning band at the top: Let me see if it actually works....
  11. I'm 38 cm (15 in) and it didn't work for me either. The vendor sent me a new one. It just arrived today. I haven't tested it yet. I'll let you know if that's any better.
  12. Yeah, I had more than a few days of stubble. How did you know? Is my webcam on or something? So I just shaved, and it's a little bit better, but still barely normal speaking volume with the Aker at max volume.
  13. Thanks for trying that, Scott. I'm in contact with the vendor to troubleshoot it. Maybe I have a skinny neck, but even pressing it into my neck with my fingers doesn't make it any better.
  14. Manny, is this the Go Pro mount you use on your E11? You just clamp it to the magazine? GoPro Handlebar Seatpost Mount https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0014F5WIA/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_Yr.uvb10EP248
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