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I just bought a Vac former!


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Hi guys and gals,


As most of you know I get my armour made on big industrial machines but I have always wanted my own vac forming machine.


WELL NOW I DO!! WOOOOHOOOOO..... :th_AnimatedBravoSmiley:  :peace:  :smiley-sw013:


I managed to nab a Formech 660 on ebay for a bargin price as they spelt the word Vacuum wrong! hahahahah......... They said it was a Vacume forming machine!


Now I need to pick it up and it's located in Southport, Merseyside and I'm in London..... So it's a road trip for me.


I'm away on Holiday next week so I will hopefully pick it up the week after. I probably won't get to use it until I set up my new workshop in the garden of a house we are just about to rennovate. But it means I can get stuff made when I need it. Which means catching up on orders when busy like now!


I always have parts in stock as I get extra bits done when I'm forming but not always full suits. Now I can make up full suits if I need to. I will probably still use the company I use now for bulk orders as it's much quicker.


Anyway thought I'd share my eciting(to me) news! :lol:






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Nice one, Mark. More flexibility ... or just more work?  :P

Probably a bit of both!! 


Very cool! Show us pics once you're set up! :)


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Will do, got a load of building work to get through first with the house then comes the workshop. :)

Good times! :)

Indeed! I've been after one for years but never seen one for a reasonable price until now!

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I've got quite a few moulds for helmets that have not been released yet and this will really help prototype them into shape. Not to mention the parts for my armour that I'll be casting from my Disney suit to make up the left and rights......


Good times ahead! :salute:

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