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Help please. How to remove ABS glue print off?

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Good evening everyone. After purchasing armour, I recently started to work on it by gluing parts and for a newbie first timer, I'm quite happy with final result. Except for my right calf where the other day I noticed I had a partial (small) printing of one of my ?fingers?. Is there a way I can remove this wihthout damaging it and compromisse the final result? The armour itself came with MEK (Methyl ethyl ketone) but Im kinda hesitating to try to remove it, with it.

Any help is pretty much appreciated.


Thank you for reading!

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Some glues you can just rub with your thumb and they will start to come off, ABS seems to be a little greasy and allthough glues do bond to it sometimes you can just rub it off. If you go for the sanding option the finer the sandpaper you use the easier it will be to buff/polish the ABS back to a nice shine. You could use 400, then 600, then 1200 and use some fine car poslish, novus or T-cut anything like that. Oh just a tip if you use wet and dry sandpaper and water the sandpaper won't clog as quickly good luck.

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MEK is ABS goo, I think, right? EDIT: Oh no, it's the stuff you use to dissolve ABS. So Nooooooo. Avoid avoid!!!


If it's hard glue like superglue or ABS goo, wet sand in one direction (softly) with 600 until it's all smooth and gone, then briefly with 800, then 1000, then 1500, then 2000 to get it superfine. Then polish with Maguiars Ultimate Compound or Novus 2 and it should be back to shiny.


If it's e6000 or one of those slow-curing goopy glues, a simple tug with fingernails or tweezers should get it off.

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