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Echo's ANH Stunt Build [RS]

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Testing the black paints and practicing stripes. I think I like the semi gloss for the Vocorder too.




Using the tip about painting white on the stripes first. Thanks again for that tip!



Flat Black on the Mic Tips:


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I can't believe it went by so quickly.  In mid January, I received my brown boxes and after lots of cutting, sanding, gluing and swearing (hehe well not a lot but a little) I finished my first TK build.  On Sunday I got my acceptance email to the 501st!  I'm now TK-19191


From this..



to this.. (Helmet is in the box above, everything else in the mobile tool bin below)



Good thing I finished, the neighbors were beginning to wonder what I was doing in the garage until the wee hours of the night for the last 4 months.  (That's dust from using the dremel..  honest heh)



Here are a couple of my submission photo's for basic approval:


SCG-submission_F_Owens_post_Page_1 by Echo Rogue, on Flickr


SCG-submission_F_Owens_post_Page_2 by Echo Rogue, on Flickr


I have my first troop on May 4th!  Very fitting haha.


Next up I'm getting images together to submit for EIB and then Centurion.  Thanks to everyone for your input and help during my build.  I look forward to meeting as many of the Detachment as possible in the years to come.


-Francisco  (Echo)

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