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REQUEST FOR: Cleaning/Whitening your armor from yellow stain.

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Hi there, I recently acquired pieces for my armor set. And some of the pieces, i.e. the chest plate, and shoulder guards have a yellow tint or stain from the sun. I was wondering if anyone knew a way to whiten or cure the ABS plastic to remove the stain. Without actually repainting the whole piece. Thanks.



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Oh Oh! I know there's a thread or two out there... which newsletter had them... !!! Must find... Ahah! August Newsletter...


Getting Yellow Back to White


Yellow is a color associated with daisies and fear. Neither of these can be considered a trait of the Stormtrooper. Armor is tough but sensitive: certain chemicals and compounds can actually cause more damage or yellowing to occur than what you wish to remove, so be careful. You can always check with your armor-maker for details on how to care for your armor.


That said, if you’ve got some armor getting discolored from age or trooping, here are some tips from troopers on the FISD forums.


Personally I recommend sanding before anything else. Sanding is a special art and requires patience and time to do it right. Take that yellow off by gently wet-sanding your yellowed parts until they get to the desired whiteness and then buff and polish.


What I’ve learned is to sand in one direction, moving from grittier as needed (i.e. 600 grit for scratches) to finer grit (800, 1000, 1500, 2000) progressively. This should remove the yellow and smooth down the armor to a milky flat white. The final step is to use the three Novus products or your preferred polish, buffing the armor to a nice shine. Be careful not to over-sand thin areas as you can weaken the plastic. Also, I’m not sure how sanding affects capped plastic, so check with your armorer if you’re unsure.


Some people have had success using Retr0bright gel mixture. Please read the warning on the web site and use safety precautions. As with almost anything, test on scrap plastic or a corner that is less visible before making any big commitments.


With Unquestioned Loyalty,


Ingrid Moon

TK-6818 “LadyInWhiteâ€

Public Relations Officer

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