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Tube stripe masking templates

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I've got these downloaded and ready to print.  I'm thinking I could use a regular Avery sicker of the proper length (if I can find one) and place the printed one's over that label, and then cut them from there...  I believe these were printed with WORD, but I'm gonna try Wordpad sense most PC's come with it free...





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Hi there Guys,

                       I'm new here and this is exactly what I was looking for. :duim:

 I printed out the pdf file then copied it at 106% to get the correct size hope this helps someone.

Cheers, its great to be here :smiley-sw013:

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6 hours ago, Maltesaa said:

Does anyone have the link for the stipes? It seems like the links are down.

You could try these, you just have to play with print size, width of tube stripes should be 16mm



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Forgot to mention a tip if painting, first use white paint then if there is any bleeding the white will fill those areas before you go over with blue paint. 


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On 3/12/2011 at 3:48 PM, pandatrooper said:

Here's some tube strip masking templates if you want to cut your own. I made these in Adobe Illustrator from scratch, they are not based on any specific trooper or design. Print them out to size, then place them on top of sign vinyl, etc. Cut through the paper and vinyl (ideally without cutting through the vinyl backing paper) and simply weed out (remove) the inner bits on the vinyl to create the template.


You can use sign vinyl, masking tape or airbrush frisket. Use a sharp Exacto / hobby blade.


Here's how I paint them:




When printing these out, they should be 13/16" (@16mm) tall.




Paint options



Thanks so much for these. I was able to load them into my Cricut machine and cut the template out in vinyl.



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