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  1. TK 7313 requesting detachment access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=8712&costumeID=320
  2. Checking in to see if the change has been made, as there isn't a version history listed on the actual CRL entry and I can't remember what was there back in March compared to now. If not, what is needed to get this done? I'll do what I can to help.
  3. So with the boot run now live on Imperial Boots, I have a question for @Daetrin : The current CRL for the Legacy Trooper Female shows images of boots with smooth sides, and while it states "No buckles or laces shall be visible." it doesn't explicitly state that elastic on the sides (as with this chelsea style boot) is permissible. What can we do to have this updated so it's clear for the GMLs that these boots are allowable, or do we even need to?
  4. The run is now live https://www.imperialboots.com/product/femtk/
  5. Really REALLY like the look of these, very much like the GG statue, and liking that there isn't a flap but sewn-in detail. Would love to hear your thoughts @Daetrin , or we may need to wait for Legion elections to be over later this month.
  6. Nothing posted on the ImperialBoots.com website yet.... are we sure this run is going ahead? Perhaps we can get @zhongvador to weigh in on the topic?
  7. Thanks for taking a look @Daetrin So the ones in the second link could pass if they have the front flap/strip added? And the sole is okay?
  8. No worries! It can be rather overwhelming when you're new
  9. No, the boots listed above are for the Legacy Fem TK, as per the forum section this thread is in
  10. BH 7313 requesting access. http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=8712
  11. Any thoughts on these 2 options: Women's Platform Punk side zip Chunky Heel Chelsea Gothic Ankle Boots - the side zip would be nice to get them on easily Women's Punk club Chunky Block Heel Pull On Platform Mid Calf Boots Of course, both would need the strip added to the top. And the tread depth looks similar to the Steve Madden boot pictured above.
  12. First off, LOVE LOVE LOVE this thread!!! For all of us ladies out there who have the challenge of fitting our amour builds to our smaller size, THANK YOU! I'm not building a TK, but I am building a clonetrooper and I'm having similar issues with getting bits to fit properly. I've found lots of great tips here that I can transfer to my own build, so this is much appreciated! Now I need a label maker, some wood so I can rebuild my returns, and I totally agree - you can never have too many clamps Congrats on your approval!!
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