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Origins of the Hovi Mix on the helmets

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Hi Guys,


i think i am on to something here.


Everybody is wondering where those helmets tips or whatever you want to call them come from.


A lot of people think they are microphone tips or faucet aerators but after looking and surfing i found some new facts.


i think i know what they are..


they look to be check valves parts for plumbing systems.


let me explain:


i have wondered why the original hovi mix have said hovi mix pa2



well i think i solved the PA2....looks like it stands for plumbing assembly 2


from there i sort of looked at other stuff mainly plumbing stuff i started to see a weird pattern in this theme "Plumbing Valves & Fittings" i started to goolge some more on this to see if i could find other examples and that lead me to check valves in plumbing and fittings.





scroll down a bit a look at the check valves and look at the bottom part..it is very similar to the tip of the hovi mix



furthermore, if memory serves me well shepperton studios used to make fish pond out of HDPE.

I would not be surprised one bit that they would have used a component of the fish pond to make those tips.


think about this for a moment...


these tips could not come from something expensive because i believe they had a very low amount of money to give out per helmets. They surely used something that was around them to make the tips and save money...i am sure they did not go out and bought fifty microphones or fifty sounboards just to get the tips or one button on a soundboard plus they needed fifty plus.



i am sure it is something they had on site way back then.


if i find another good example i ll post what i find.



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you might want to give this a read--------

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well wada ya know...waht would be cool is to find the real origin of this piece of history..


most people have the details but not the specific origins... but i was right...it is a plumbing part nonetheless...


i tought about this and it may the inside part of a faucet aerator assembly also...so that may explain why it is so hard to find...


oh well that is is what is fun about the lore of star wars, it is always fun to discover!

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