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  1. poisonfox

    vt armor

    If it's actually being sold by vacuum dis! then it should be legit. His stuff is fine (I have one of his helmets). My two cents.
  2. Great choice! I love my AM set and you will not be disappointed. There are many great tutorials to guide you on your way.
  3. I used Testors flat black and it looks great, but Humbrol Satin Black is the best from what I've heard.
  4. Right on! This question was asked on the 501st facebook page. I said that it was canon, but couldn't remember where.
  5. Right on! This question was asked on the 501st facebook page. I said that it was canon, but couldn't remember where.
  6. I KNEW it was legit! How could I have forgotten those scenes? Thanks bro! That's two I owe ya!
  7. Just wondering if there were ANY canon examples of a TK with a DLT 19? I want to carry one as a shiny ol' TK but I am wondering if it would be frowned upon... To answer the question before it's asked, I do not want to be a HWT, just a stormtrooper with a BFG!
  8. First troop went great! I have officially gotten the "bug"!

  9. I searched for "chatter" on the 501st forum and got three pages of stuff that doesn't look like the file in question. Could you hook a brother up and post a link to the right one on the site (seeing as you have to be 501st to see it it wouldn't break the rules). Thanks!
  10. WOW. This got ugly... Good find TM! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Jeez, with all the resources we have now and how forthcoming people (especially Troopermaster) are with amazing products and references I would have hoped that we could overlook those few things that are still kept close to the chest. I am able to be happy for somebody when they find some rare thing, be it info or a pair of boots, and not mind if they hold onto that knowledge for themselves. It's nice to have a little mystery left, right?
  12. You won't REALLY be done until you have your TK ID in hand and have done your first troop in it. Trust me, I found all sorts of things needing adjustment or redoing after my first troop. Something about the sweat, hours of moving around, and little kids/cougars grabbing your kit makes things kinda just...fall off. You'll get there! It's fun as hell!
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