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  1. Thanks guys - got the helmet sorted first (armour to follow at some point - playing the long game with the other half. ), but couldn't resist having some fun with it straight away. For those of a nervous disposition, don't worry...I was only pretending to drive my car!
  2. (If this is not the place to post this, please mods move or slap me in the hovi) Massive thanks to RS Prop Masters for such great work (time to save a few more £'s for the full armour...) :
  3. I don't mind the wait for them to come back to me. I know how busy they are and that's for a reason. If you want the best, you have to wait. I'm going to go for PVC. Starting with helmet. Full armour to follow once I've squirrelled away enough pocket money. Ha ha. Joking aside, I am funding this with gig money from a pub band - makes it easier to get approval from the wife. (Apparently its ISA time. Bloody sensible women...)
  4. Absolutely. I was just joking with my repeat question. I'm waiting for a quote from RS - made my decision. Loved this thread. :thumbsup:
  5. So, ABS or PVC? Great and interesting stuff, all. What a great place.
  6. Wow! Some utterly fantastic replies, thanks guys! The picture is especially helpful. I'm no further forwards. Ha ha. It's personal preference without doubt....flip a coin, time! Thanks again. P~
  7. Ah, I was using the terminology from my conversations with RS Propmasters. They have the choice of ABS or PVC, citing the PVC option as having a more idealistic and glossy finish. I just want to make the right choice, is all.
  8. Sorry for such a simple question, but the right decision now, is quite important. As the title says, should I go for ABS or PVC armour/helmet? Which is the most popular? I believe I understand the differences at a basic level - original vs idealised - but I want my helmet and armour to be on display when not in use, so I want what looks good, too. All opinions welcome. (I've done a few searches, but cannot find a topic which addresses this specifically) Cheers!
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