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  1. Sorry about the multiple posts. The mobile app is having problems. I'll try and delete extra posts for my desktop.
  2. How much are the buckles alone going for? I grabbed a pair of boots for less than $50 shipped.
  3. Head ski boots known to have correct buckles (confirm in photos to be sure) - Vector - Adapt Edge - Dream Mya (I bought these from eBay. Will post pics when I get them)
  4. That's a typo. The type of buckle is "Spine-Tech". The "Spine-Flex" buckle also has the same catch so either will work. They're on several models of Head brand boots from 2013-2016. There's only one on each boot (the top buckle catch). The boots are really expensive but sometimes you can get lucky.
  5. No. You need the "enhanced" straps that have longer padding. They only come in woodland camo.
  6. From the exhibit pics it looks like the Alice pack was black not OD but I haven't found a matching pack in black yet. The clean (unweathered) under strap on the Alice pouch is black with a silver snap. Upper straps are obviously green. Sleeping bag looks pretty good but I wish there was a way to confirm exactly what they used.
  7. That's just the lighting in that pic. The boots are fairly matte and heavily recolored. They're much darker than the original Sand. The interior lining is very light which rules out the Elk. I have the Havana and I'm very happy with them. The color is good without having to beat up the boots as bad as the real costumes. Orca Bay confirmed they were Sand although that said I'm not entirely convinced they didn't use multiple colors that look the same after weathering.
  8. I didn't see it mentioned but the straps used on the pack are the Enhanced Extra Padded ALICE Pack Shoulder Straps. As far as I've seen they only come in woodland camp so they were dyed or painted. I bought mine here: ----------- I'm still researching the large ALICE pack that was used. There are many variations from manufacturers and I haven't seen an exact match yet. One of the main details I noticed is that the bottom snaps for the pouches are located below the seam line of the reinforced bottom third of the pouch. Most packs are not like that. We'll be covering the whole pack on The Parts of Star Wars Facebook page soon... https://www.facebook.com/PartsofSW/
  9. Put me on the list too! I was thinking about upgrading the ones I have, but I think this will be a better option As far as the wires go... There are bits of stuff seen on some props onscreen as noted in this thread, but I don't see the big curly wires. After looking into that particular blaster from the SW Chronicles book, I believe it may have been modified post-production. The complete Sterling receiver is intact which is odd (currently illegal in the US) and it also has a piece of plain tubing in place of a real bolt (which also means it's missing the cocking lever). The blaster appears in two black and white photos - right side view and top/front view. It also appears in full-color promo photos shot with the cast post-production in the US (Ford with short haircut, Hamill post-car accident). In the color photos you can see the wires are red and green. I'm thinking the blaster was deactivated for import into the US (probably just removal of bolt and some welding required in 1977) and the wires were added then.
  10. BTW - Not sure if it's been mentioned before, but the cylinders were used on the Y-wing targeting computer as well (not sure about the X-wing).
  11. A nice zoom lens might work (probably what TK895 did), but it depends if you can get a shot at the right angle to see the plate (tricky on the landspeeder). Hopefully the plate is legible too. It looks like it's covered in decades of dirt/dust. Answers to your questions 1). The blasters were made at Bapty, but they were probably just given the scrap to work with by the art department. I don't think anyone is still around to ask and they likely wouldn't remember anything that specific. I do have one related idea to this. There might be someone to ask. I'm going to check on it. 2). George is too high up the food chain for a request like this. Lucasfilm's not just going to do something like this because they're asked. I do have credentials (I work full time on Star Wars) but I haven't had any opportunities to see any cylinders up close (although I have handled several original props from the archives). Of course if I have a chance to examine any original cylinders I will, but I don't foresee that happening anytime soon. The Landspeeder and the MSE droid are the only props of any use for this research. Access to the archives is VERY restricted. 3). Answered above. Master Replicas skipped the cylinders and Hengstler box. Maybe if EFX does a blaster there's hope. 4). There's an incredible MSE builder with really nice replicas, but his stuff is all scratch built based on exhibit photos.
  12. Current exhibition schedule for SW: Where Science Meets Imagination in the US: http://www.mos.org/v...g_exhibits&p=sw November 18, 2011 – April 15, 2012: Discovery Science Center, Santa Ana, CA May 26 - September 3, 2012: Exploration Place, Wichita, KS October 13, 2012 – March 17, 2013: Orlando Science Center, Orlando, FL The landspeeder is part of this exhibit although it's usually behind ropes. If you want good shots of the cylinders you'll need a big zoom lens. I tried to get shots last time this exhibit was near me, but I didn't have a good enough camera. The MSE droid was last seen as part of Star Wars: The Exhibition (last stop was in Chile 2009). That show is over as far as I know. I tried to get a shot of that plate when I saw the exhibition in London in 2007. As far as I can tell the plate is smooth - no stamped numbers visible.
  13. I missed that overlay earlier pointing out the bottoms sticking out. I'm not sure how that coincides with the top view of the actual E-11 prop which shows the center capacitor bent. It's just a wire at the point where it meets the bracket. Maybe the bottom two are longer? I have the full res version of this pic, but can't post it due to agreements with Lucasfilm. The replicas do have room for improvement. At the time we didn't have as many closeup exhibit pics available so the capacitors involved a little guesswork. They tend to be lost in shadow on all the original prop pics. This photo would tell us a lot more about the markings if we had the original high res version... In the 4th grouping of capacitors from the right you can see the top of the TE" I think most of the markings could be pieced together from the high res photo. Anyone know the TK that took it? IIRC I got this pic from the RPF years ago. As far as the K goes. I can't figure it out. Metalmite capacitors seem to be marked TCC or Plessey (which are apparently two different manufacturers). I haven't found a company starting with a K yet. It could maybe be a K word in front of TCC or Plessey on the same line. I wonder if there would be special military markings on parts like this? The military manufacturer might start with a K.
  14. Nice research so far! I believe you are correct that there are likely 3 capacitors in the center. There are two photos the original 2 capacitor theory is based on. The one shown from Chronicles in this thread appears to have one capacitor in shadow. There's also a top view which only shows 2, but it appears the top one is bent thereby covering one of the lower capacitors. Russ' blueprints are copied (with permission) from an earlier run of cylinders that I helped with. They were produced by Bobasfett from the RPF. TCC is just a guess at this point - right? I'm assuming because the one close capacitor found says TCC on it? I ask because I was looking at capacitors and the markings visible in this photo... Check out the one in the center of this pic. It clearly has a K where the TCC would be. Under the K is a quote symbol and capital M. In another pic you can make out the TE and end quote. That confirms the "METALMITE" brand name. Could there be a K type capacitor that is smaller than the TCC? BTW - The capacitors do not go through the mounting bracket so 26mm is too long. They should be around 20mm. Thanks Playful Wolf Cub for contacting me!
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