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  1. Sorry about the multiple posts. The mobile app is having problems. I'll try and delete extra posts for my desktop.
  2. How much are the buckles alone going for? I grabbed a pair of boots for less than $50 shipped.
  3. Head ski boots known to have correct buckles (confirm in photos to be sure) - Vector - Adapt Edge - Dream Mya (I bought these from eBay. Will post pics when I get them)
  4. That's a typo. The type of buckle is "Spine-Tech". The "Spine-Flex" buckle also has the same catch so either will work. They're on several models of Head brand boots from 2013-2016. There's only one on each boot (the top buckle catch). The boots are really expensive but sometimes you can get lucky.
  5. No. You need the "enhanced" straps that have longer padding. They only come in woodland camo.
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