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  1. I'm fairly certain the Juggernaut was in either Ep II or III, but I can't recall off the top of my head which it was (I'm leaning towards III). There was even a lego model of it.
  2. Don't forget the Sentinel. She's pretty heavily armed for a transport and carries 54 of us! http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Sentinel-class_landing_craft
  3. Mine was only around $120 as well.
  4. Let us know how yours fit. I'm in the same boat with an 8.5 too. I just sent him an e-mail.
  5. MRCE for me too! I've got fans, batteries and speakers in mine, and I'm about to add some of Stomper's Super Hovi's (which should be in the mail very very soon!)
  6. In addition to the occasional meal and drinks, everyone of our guys in attendance for our last National Night Out event was presented with a Manassas Park Police Department Challenge coin and coffee mug by thier Chief. Luckily our CO had a spare Garrison coin to give him as well. Completely unexpected, and Totally cool!
  7. I agree... that and the kids! (I do love this picture!)
  8. US Air Force 1993-1996 Combat Arms Instructor (CATM) 3P131
  9. I agree with the darkness for photos, and for people peeking up underneath. I used a spray rubber coating for mine which helps with sound dampening too. (that and it just looks cool!)
  10. It comes off easier than you think (luckily!) It was a great time and fun troop. The kids, both young and old, loved us. I was down on the beach earlier in the day wearing a 501st shirt and some guy (probably in his 40's?) stopped and started telling his little kid "Look! He's got a stormtrooper on his shirt!" When I told him to come check us out later that evening when we were appearing I think he was more excited than the little kid!
  11. I barely knew ya! Good luck, and I hope things turn around quickly for you. I echo the sentiments that "once a TK, always a TK. Hopefully we'll see your return soon. On a side note, I'm travelling to London in September and was hoping to meet up with some of the UKG while I'm there. If you're local and available, I wouldn't mind having you along too!
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