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  1. Blaze


    awesome! high five!
  2. impressive artwork everywhere!
  3. Yeah.. oh wow... you've just introduced me to a world of smileys I had no idea existed!!!
  4. hmm nobody saw this?
  5. The link's alive again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfL9HvPXIWQ Enjoy!
  6. how did you get the little xmas hats to stay on? I tried sewing elastic on mine and it looked flat and didn't stay on at all.
  7. hey thanks panda trooper. I think I like the first water bottle the best since it's practically perfect already. Btw, your avatar keeps getting better and better any tips on making the trigger are appreciated too, I've never built something like this before.
  8. Anybody have any tips on how I could build this? Toy Gun Art I saw this teapot at Toys R Us I thought I could use: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3184408 but the cone area isn't long enough and it has a spout so eh. Scale doesn't matter to me, I just want a replica of that toy gun working or not. My next guess would be to use a poster tube for the front end: http://www.cutting-mats.net/2603.html but still I need some tips if anyone can offer them as to how to get the trigger end of the gun made. I don't have access to fancy wood working machines like a lathe so I'm kind of stuck.
  9. the last paragraph is pure genius!
  10. Blaze

    RT-mod helmet

    I know, I got my RT bucket finally Thanks for all your help throughout, Brian! You're a good guy. Now to save up for the FX-lite or maybe even the flexible TM-lite, when it comes out, to go with it.
  11. Blaze

    RT-mod helmet

    Stormtrooper at the office... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExQ-VFey9SE this looks pretty cool... Stormtrooper helmet pictures
  12. yeah..hmm I use it as a reference.... but there's a limited number of pictures. I'm talking pictures from everyone on the forum categorized by make and year. A lot of the makers modify their armor each year and seeing a 2001 helmet isn't the same as a 2009 one.
  13. it would be cool if this forum had a gallery for each type of make and model. Like ATA 2009 ATA 2008 where you could see all the helmet pictures people have taken and so on...
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