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  1. I had a miserable time dealing with CO so never again. I got his Trooper armor AND Vader armor and both were utter crap. I was promised recompense which I never got. Instead I got a fish story about Cam being suicidal and jumping off of a ferry boat. I took a HUGE loss on the crap that was CO trooper and Vader armor
  2. wow...looks interesting. Cant wait to see how this turns out
  3. Hi guys Is SKULLWORX still around? As long as Ive been checking out their site the SOLD OUT status hasnt changed and I (may have missed it) but wasnt finding contact info?
  4. No its not and there have been hundreds of programs over the years about 'Football Widows' so your point is moot. Obsession is never healthy regardless of where it is. There are vid game addicts whose lingerie wearing hot gf couldnt lure away from a high score...football widows...all sorts. Lots has been dedicated on radio and TV to these obsessives over the years...we're talking about an obsession that pertains to OUR hobby and trying to foist it off with, "Well, what about THEM" doesnt work as 'THEY" have been covered ad nauseum
  5. He didnt have a star wars themed wedding...he snuck lightsabers without telling his wife and inflicted that on her. That is someone with a very skewed mental compass and no concern for propriety or what others feel. If you can justify that sort of obsessive nonsense then we are definitely on different wavelengths. As far as SHE is concerned, any woman who A. Would marry a man whose place she had never been to B. ADMIT that she thought she could change him AFTERWARD ALSO has no business being married Any tool who would rather play with his toys then his wife deserves to be thrown out of teh food chain and whether you agree or not thsi IS a person with deep problems. Sorry, there is no excuse that can be made for someone this disconnected from societal norms or acceptable behavior. He is ABNORMAL by pretty much every definition.
  6. http://www.drphil.com/shows/show/1024 Im sorry but if this guy is a member here PLEASE get some perspective and priorities in your life...having read through all of that I found myself cringing...IMHO this is the sort of nonsense that brands us us as losers.
  7. Heving now seen and studied this up close and personal all I can say is STAY AWAY The helmet is HORRID and unsalvageable The suit looks like it was molded off of a suit left next to a space heater the 'trim' is molded in and about twice teh size it should be this armor is truly horrid
  8. Yup, I won a second set on Ebay for my second lid Buyer id is Zell4u sent you the auction number and info in em thnx Don
  9. Im intrigued being of the 6'3 230 lbs variety...the XL Trooper.... I could use some XL armor
  10. Mark Are you 'toonman' on eBAY? Im asking because I won a set of decals in eBay and paid but havent heard anything or received them. If thats you PLMK and Ill be patient. Now hurry up and get well....
  11. Onigiri

    SW Live Action TV

    from what I understand this will have a 'frontier' feel to it so to me that sounds more like firefly then then what we know as Star Wars. It really sounds like a lawless western theme...the empire trying to establish its hold while the outer rim planets try to keep living like they had and stay under the radar. I would love to see a Deadwood type crimelord like Al Shwerigan
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